You’ve been the first to discover and subsequently import many of the ‘next-gen’ producers from places like the Pfälzer Südliche Weintstraße, the Rheinhessischer Wonnegau, and the Lower Mosel, and Austrian Weinviertal (all sort of wild-western country-cousins to the more historically significant beat-path within thier respective Anbaugebiete.) Do you see other regions emerging from the shadows that make your sap rise?


Leave my rising sap out of it Bill; this is a family forum.

Right now I think Germany is borderline-unfriendly to interests such as mine, as I haven’t swallowed the prevailing dogma of dry-at-all-costs (or else too damn sweet). So while I keep my ears and eyes open at all times, these don’t feel like propitious times for exploration.

I’ll tell you what i WOULD like to see: some young firebrand come along in the Rheingau who’d make wines of the type that gained the region its old reputation for making some of the noblest Rieslings of all.