Blood Sausage

Does anyone else love this stuff? We had some great blood sausage last night here in town at a restaurant called Pura Vida.

I need to eat more of this, especially the one I had last night.

One of my favorites! Hit that with some garlic & hot sauce and a nice dry sparkling rosé…enter nirvana directly!

Love it as well! Especially the Spanish morcilla.


I love it too and I’m most familiar with the French, Spanish, and German blood sausages. Anybody have any experience with the Cajun stuff?

We had smoked morcilla last night. Finished off the last few pieces today.

I didn’t think I was a big fan. Then I got some from Publican Quality Meats in Chicago.

Amazing stuff!


Next time I’m in town I really need to go there. Bowden is there now, maybe I’ll just make him go there!

I have loved it since my girlfriend and I ate it at Florent in 1985, when the Meatpacking District was a meatpacking district.
Indeed, on Thursday, I ordered two servings at Publican, and watched Chris Freemott, Jim Brennan, and David Kolin gobble every bit. [snort.gif]

Sorry I missed the dinner. This job thing really gets in the way sometimes… [cheers.gif]


And don’t forget about Black Pudding too!

'twas terrific at Publican

Christian Parra Boudin Noir is exceptional and is served at Le Severo or can be bought at Da Rosa when in Paris.

There’s an Irish Pub in SF that serves a really good breakfast on weekends. Good puddings on the Irish breakfast.

Have to go against the bloodfest here. Maybe I’ve just never had good quality blood sausage but whenever I’ve had it I’ve always found it to be really gross. I mean really, you’re eating coagulated blood! Also, I don’t think it’s very nutritious, either.

Wait…that means you actually ate leftovers…people, this says a lot…Liotta NEVER eats leftovers.

Nutritional upside: High in protein and iron. Downside: Relatively high in saturated fat.


+1 Ate this for breakfast most mornings when we were on Spain last summer. YUM!

AKA Fried Scabs …

By that analogy, meat gravy is liquified scabs. [cheers.gif]