Blood Sausage

Blood sausage is an Irish breakfast staple… Used to eat it regularly when I lived there in '92 - '93.


I can’t honestly remember, but I think my grandmother fed me this when I was a kid.

I have never recoiled in horror from it, it has a good rich flavor.

But a lot of people I know react like Tran, “ew! blood!!”

We saw it constantly in Spain, very very popular there, but then again I’m insensitive to it and I can’t honestly remember whether I ate it there or not.

Often on the menu (or part of the buffet) for breakfast esp. in Madrid.

Can’t recall ever having one I disliked; some have been bland, but most I’ve enjoyed. Black pudding, in particular, I like.

Maybe I’ve never had a good example but the ones I’ve had never did anything for me. I’ll still try it if it gets put in front of me but I never have more than a bite or two.

I love it! No matter the country, If I see it on a menu, I’ll order it.

I also love the Korean version. Every once in a while, I’ll even buy the frozen ones at HMart just to satisfy a craving. I also love Duck’s Blood and Pig;s Blood Soup. Yum!

Should be plenty of Russian markets in NJ. Main difference between Russian and other versions is Russian one has buckwheat instead of rice, and this, IMO, makes a huge difference, not only in texture and “density”, but in flavor as well. Buy some, throw it on a well heated pan, for a minute per side, or more, and have at it. Grew up on this stuff, still love it. And every time I pass meat sections in Asian markets I look at pork blood tubs, one of these days will make my own from scratch.

Nums. Had some excellent morcilla off a Puerto Rican food truck this weekend.

Never had blood sausage. We were in SF at an Irish pub and as a sausage lover I asked the waitress how it was. She asked if I have ever had blood sausage and I said no. She suggested I go with the Shepard’s Pie instead. Loved the Shepard’s Pie. Still clueless about blood sausage.

I just had it last night at my new neighbor’s (from Argentina) bbq and rather liked it. It had good flavor and almost like a pate-like texture, which surprised me the most.

Holy 7 year old thread batman!

I used to eat this stuff at my grandmother’s house in south carolina. It was something in the blood sausage/head cheese neighborhood. I recall my dad describing it as “everything leftover after they were done making hot dogs”. She’s fry it up and we’d mix it in the grits.

This- I started making my own based on a recipe on the Davis, CA wiki page. The description of the process was “it should look like a WWI Medic’s field kit”. It did!

Further research indicates this stuff was called liver pudding.