Best village burg producers for 2015 vintage


regardless of price?

This is one of those great vintages in which the lower level wines really shine. So hard to miss here. But, among those I’ve tasted I really liked Arnoux-Lachaux, Fourrier, Hudelot-Noellat, Y. Clerget, d’Eugenie, Gerard Julien. De Vogue was great but pricier. And Jadot was very good but you have to be selective.

Red? White?

I assumed red.

You could name almost anyone. This is a great vintage in red. I love the Chassagne rouges that I have purchased. I know that goes against the grain but the wines are great. The Bertheau Chambolle 2015 village is amazing. You can ask my friend Fred about this. He went long here.

Lots of good wines. Always buy lower levels in vintages like 15.
Some recent favs
Lucien Jacob Savigny Les Beaune
Jm Vincent Santenay Les Brettarins
Dujac Morey St Denis
Faiveley Mercurey Clos du Roy (1er cru I know but priced like a village wine)
Jm Bouley Volnay VV

Huge fan of the 15 Domaine Duroche Bourgogne.

Best I’ve had was the Dujac MSD. Sirugue and Gerard Mugneret Vosnes were also excellent.

Actually the best of all Village Burgs I’ve had recently was the 2013 Dujac Chambolle. That was amazing.

Haha- exactly. I was offered Roumier at $270. Passed of course, but I bet it is incredible.

F&P or Domaine?

(I’m sure both are awesome, but, asking for specifics anyway)


Dublere Savigny Les Planchots du Nord. And if you want to taste it and you’re in Paris, you can try it at Guy Savoy, Georges V, Hotel Crillon and La Tour d’Argent. It’s that good.

2015 David Duband NSG. Tried it after 2-3 hours of decanting, gorgeous wine. So aromatic and floral for a NSG villages!

I also really liked his 2015 Chorey les Beaune.

The Drouhin Chambolle is always delicious. I have not yet had the '15, but expect no less than usual from it.

Glad to hear the 2015 Domaine Dujac MSD is drinking well.

Roumier I assume. Same as every other year.

The hit rate is very high in 2015 so it makes listing great wines a practically redundant exercise - but if you are looking for a slightly more classic style of wine, where you would be hard-put to say ‘2015’ then Arlaud, Patrice Rion and d’Angerville knocked it out of the park across their ranges…

I’ve only opened one Ronceive but immediately went out and picked up a couple cases. If this is indicative of the rest of the range, I should probably pick up more village wine as well. Did one of them stand out over the others?