best steakhouse in the bay area? Preferably San Fran/East Bay

I have been to Harris and have heard of the house of prime rib. But for sheer steak excellence what is the best?

Thanks :slight_smile:

alexander’s in cupertino is up there… however I’m not steakhouse person.

Rarely do steak, but Alexander’s is probably in the top tier. I’d say Fleming’s also.

Looks yummy. Although this is not really that much different distance wise than San Fran, for other reasons I’d prefer something in the San Fran/East Bay area.

The streak at the Flemings in Walnut Creek, though better than Ruths Chris, is still close to tasteless IMO. In Walnut Creek, Prima and Vic Stewarts are superior IMO.

I think Stark’s in Santa Rosa has come a long way since they opened, and the quality of their steaks rivals those from Alexander’s in SF. I haven’t tried any East Bay steakhouses.

Disclaimer, Alexander’s has ordered many cases of my wines, Stark’s has never ordered, but they’re my favorite two steakhouses in the area.

I think I’ve had your wine. Tough to beat your Ed’s Red.

Oh! Although there is an Alexander’s in Cupertino, there is also one in SF. That helps!

Too bad Napa is so far away. The New York at Cole’s Chop house melts in your mouth. It’s so big, Carrie and I split one and enjoy more of the appetizers and sides along with our wedge salad. Plus, you can bring a bottle for dinner and buy one to go with appetizers and salad and they comp the corkage. Now I’m getting hungry.

House of Prime Rib on Van Ness in S.F. is the place I go for a slab of beef. It’s good if everyone enjoys prime rib.

Go to Bobo’s on Lombard, order the bone in filet, if you pull up reviews, only read the reviews from people who ordered the bone in filet. It’s incredible. Definitely the best steak in SF Bay Area. Nobody else has anything like it.

House of prime Rib. Yum.

I ate at Starks a couple weeks ago for the first time. The Dry Aged Rib Eye was just OK for me. It didn’t show like a Prime steak in my mind. What have you ordered?

^^^^ this. Case Closed.

Both “bone in filet” and “case closed” would give me pause, but since I pretty much won’t be caught dead in a steakhouse, and have little to offer here, I must just be in a bellicose troll sort of frame of mind.

Hmm, I’ve seen you in a steak house neener

But agreed, steak house is pretty far down on my list of restaurant types. Pretty much only for an off line, or when forced to go with customers.

Aye, that’s the “pretty much” part. But tell everybody how much complaining you had to put up with.

Amateurs, both of you [snort.gif]

Just so that nothing is lost in translation, what I am really asking is what restaurant makes the best steak? It need not be a “steakhouse”. It could even be (gag, gag) French. Some of the suggestions given so far have been helpful.

In that case, I’d consider the bistecca alla fiorentina at Cotogna. It feeds 2 people easily.
$25 Corkage