Best deal/coupon for on-line wine shopping

Wine Access has ‘19 Monte Bello for $199. I had a 15% off promo code, was able to snag a few for $170/bottle. Still more available.

If you’re new to Wine Access, use my refer code and you’ll get $50 off, which would make MB a real deal if you have a promo code as well!

Dont normally share referral code but in this case, someone else could get a great vintage of Monte Bello “cheap” by doing so.


Was it a one time 15% off code?

I’m not sure, it was in my account already, “personal 15% code” was what it said. Its out of my account now, so not sure if was something from a while ago or not. Wasn’t something I entered, otherwise I would have shared as well.

You may be able to search RMN or other sites to find a promo code as well.

I might even call this a smokin’ deal, but we’re dealing with the '19, not the '20… :wink:

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I was shocked to see it was ‘19. All the retailers are attempting to sell ‘20 for $249+. I couldn’t resist

Went ahead and used your referral code. That $50 off stacked with the Amex $30 off $100 makes for an awesome deal. Thanks for the heads up!


I used your referral code I think? WELCOME was $50 off. Which is weird because I’m not a new wine access member, though it’s been a couple years since I’ve placed an order. So, a lovely bottle for my anniversary year at a wonderful price.

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Thanks for the call out. I completely forgot about the amex deal so went ahead and did the same!

Retailmenot 10% WDC

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Does cash back still work on en premeur?

To my knowledge, cash back has never “worked” on en primeur in the sense of tracking automatically. From what I can tell, WDC doesn’t report transactions to RMN until they ship and obviously EP won’t ship until 2026. That said, in prior years when I’ve reported en primeur buys after the 45 days ran, RMN has processed them. Past performance, of course, is not a guarantee of future results.

Interesting, ive only ever gotten my EP cash back after the bottles shipped.

After two months still fighting with them to get me paid for two orders I placed using link from their website.

Did yours track automatically after you’d waited the two years?

I believe so, but it’s been a while now so not 100% certain

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What codes are live for wdc that work out to their usual best discount, 20%?

30 off 150 or 50 off 250, stuff like that.

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They seem to have stopped with the 20% codes

Same experience for me. You have to mark your calendar and remember to follow up about the cash back. Due to the hassle of some experiences I’ve had with various cash back companies, I mostly view the cash back as a nice perk if I remember and not a true discount. There is a very real potential you get rejected, and there is a point at which the back and forth becomes a waste of time.

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Any active WDC codes?

Here are a few single-use codes.