Best deal/coupon for on-line wine shopping

RMN back to 10% (on WDC) temporarily, so a functioning 50/250 would certainly be handy.

WINEBOX40 is 40/250.

yup, majority of California magnums now end in 97…there goes any chances of adding promos! cancelled my stewardship

Couple of WDC coupons I got in the mail.




I saw a charge on my Amex from WDC for $73.83. I knew I hadn’t bought anything from them THIS YEAR so I called. Turns out it was renewal of my stewardship . . . which I was unaware of, and would never pay almost $75 for. I cancelled it easily but just wanted to give others a heads up on how much the price has increased (my first time signing up it was $49.99 with a code for $20 off so $29.99 well worth it). Shame on me for not noticing last year (or even the year before).

They really have jacked up the price! And most of the wine is overpriced, too.
All good things must end.


I just renewed my stewardship but looking like this will be the last time. Because WDC Bordeaux prices have remained good and that’s most of what I buy there, it’s still just about worth it for me, but the margins are getting slimmer each year.

I suspect that with current economy and glut of wines from California and Bordeaux (at least), it won’t be long until good discounts return.

My stewardship is good until sometime in June but I already cancelled the renewal. I’ll have purchased any 2023 Bordeaux by that time and there’s just not a ton of other stuff that is compelling.

I can redeem credit from work rewards to get gift cards but you are also limited to using only 2 per purchase and the largest gift card you can get is $100. Another limitation I find annoying.

Just used the Wine Access Amex 30 off 100 in conjunction with WA’s 20% off offer for ordering with their app. The app discount is good through tonight.

I hit the free shipping minimum of $150, so ended up around $60 off $150 with free shipping. :grinning:

What bottles did you pickup? I had a few on my short list, but dragging my feet.

Same here. Musar, CVNE, Fonterutoli

UNCORK30 ($30 off $150) still works by the way and I’m wondering how to use it since most bottles are overpriced.

2x Stolo 2021 Syrah, 1x Domaine Nico 2021 Pinot Noir, 1x Fonterutoli 2016 Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

Kind of an experimental order. I like extreme coastal Syrah from CA central coast, Stolo is about as coastal as it gets. Argentina PN is a odd one, but the reviews are promising as is the Catena heritage. Fonterutoli since I need more CC, and this looks like a winner from the pro and CT reviews I have read.

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WA $3.95 “service fee”. Come on… I should be due a refund from some of the crappy service I’ve gotten from them in years past.

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Haha, yeah, saw that. Not quite free shipping, I suppose, but I can live with it.