Best deal/coupon for on-line wine shopping

@Alan_Newman I’ve never had their wines - worth a gamble on a case of red ?

Hey @Marc_Fed Not sure what you are referring to. I was talking about a Citicard offer (like Amex offers) and buying wine at

Not wine but don’t sleep on the Capital One offers for other merchants. I just saved a boatload on Stubhub because of a 24% back offer.

I think he was referring to your previous post about La Clarine Farm.

I was tempted at $12.50 a bottle for some Mourvedre, but ultimately didn’t bite. Still, quite tempting…

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Yes! - i too tempted - but can’t justify too much blind buying - given what’s coming next week.

They are in the “natural” camp so set expectations accordingly, but I have probably drank 18 or so bottles over the last five years of this and that and the hit rate was high and they were always interesting–sometimes very exciting. Haven’t had any of these particular bottles, and I also reluctantly passed given impending BD. Should be a good amount of notes on cellartracker I would think.


I would have sprung for a case on La Clarine if not for BerserkerDay around the corner as well. Really enjoyed their Petit Manseng which unfortunately is not included in the current sale. In the unlikely event I don’t bite on any wine on BD, perhaps I’ll circle back to La Clarine and pick up whatever they have left at that point.

Andre Mack’s Maison Noir Wines seems to have a sale going. Not at all bad stuff from Oregon
50% off all wine with code DRYJAN!

I tried this with a few different bottles but haven’t been able to get this to work? Has anyone else been successful using the code?

Check your AMEX cards: an offer for $21 off $100 at popped up on mine.


Save $30 off $200+* | Use code: VIP2023
Save $50 off $300+* | Use code: MEMBER2023
Hurry, offers expire January 31.

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Nice. Offer was available for me. Thanks.

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Yep, just saw the same B-21 offer. Headed over and grabbed a couple '12 tondonia rose at $84, looks like one bottle left if you hurry ; ) caveat that it is pre-order, so hopefully good.

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Offer on Faiveley Moose for only $25 here - :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Zachy’s code BORDEAUX100 for 100 off 500 Bordeaux Futures.

Thanks - would have missed this one if you hadn’t posted about it!

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Used to get single use $100/$300 codes in the mail from WDC. Today received a single use $50/$350.

Same DMxxxxxxx style. Oh well.

WDC $50 off $250-+* | Use code: SCH50