Best deal/coupon for on-line wine shopping

If you clicked through retailmenot cashback link and you have an account that you are logged in to you will get an email saying that your click was activated. When the order ships you get a notification telling you cash back was added to your account. It takes a while to clear. is better with BA, they give 5 points back.


Ahh, thanks.

British airways


$100 OFF $300 WKMP23

The Retailmenot is a pretty good deal. Can you use that in combination with the $100 off $300? 2008 + 2016 Pontet-Canet would come in at $(310 - 100)*0.8 = $230. Not bad!

Total wine 20% off winery direct 6+ 3432

The Retailmenot or other cashback site links (like Topcashback) won’t work with the codes that are 33% off (so the $100 off $300 or the $50 off $150). The cash back never comes through (I tried it on all the Dec codes). Emailed to ask why and was told they aren’t “approved” coupon codes to combine with cashback.

Totalwine code isn’t working.

I have tried BA/ratailmenot/rakuten, BA/ratailmenot sometimes works, rakuten 100% works.

$100 OFF $300 WABRCT2

I just looked and got credit for my $50 off of $150 but not the $100 off of $300.
If what you are saying is true then the 50 off of 200 might be the better deal of the two.

Retailmenot currently has 20% off and the terms and conditions say it is applicable with promo codes on their site. They do have a $100 off $300 coupon listed there. If they don’t honor that cash back, that is pretty misleading.

Problem with Retailmenot is that some of those codes are user submitted (there’s a “submit a coupon” link at the top right), so not “official”. They often get deleted in time. Misleading, yes…

Wabrct1 for 100 off 300

Michael - where are you seeing this? shows pricing at 99.97 thus codes are ineligible?

It’s state dependent. It’s 89.99 in pa.

Which State did the wines ship from?