Berserkers-Only Offer! Wine Access account discounts and GCC memberships!

Sick of all the sadness and pain on your 401k? Tired of all the inflation in your daily spending? I’ve been working with (yes, they’ve noticed that VERY popular thread on WB) to get a special offer, much like the WineBid offers from a short while ago that were met with great success, giving Berserkers an exclusive offer - nay, TWO exclusive offers, and a bonus! Details below: [cheers.gif]


First, the ‘bonus’, an introduction to the new shipping feature:

Customers are now able to make a purchase and not be charged for shipping at checkout. Instead, we’ll hold their wine for 30 days OR until the order reaches $150. Once they hit the $150 shipping threshold, the customer will choose their preferred delivery date, and they won’t pay a cent for shipping.

If the customer has an outstanding order and spots a few more irresistible bottles, they can easily add them to their shipment. Any standard-sized bottle (750ml) that ships on or before the selected delivery date will be eligible, so they will have their choice of any in-stock wine and a number of Limited Time Offer wines too.

Need more info on the new shipping feature? Click here

Details on the discount offer:

We’d like to offer Wine Berserkers members a discount on their orders for the next 30 days so they can test out our new shipping policy.

All (not current Grand Cru Crü or Monopole Crü) members: get 10% off all orders* from June 28-July 28th, AND you’ll also receive a 1-year free membership to Grand Cru Crü (a $35 value) to experience the glory of its benefits. Click HERE to activate your offer.

Grand Cru Crü/Monopole Crü members: get an additional 5% discount on top of the above discount - so 15% off all orders*. Basically you can make your GCC/MC membership pay for itself (and then some!) with this one special offer. Freakin’ SWEET. To keep non-GCC/MC members from clicking the extra discount code, you’ll be accessing your offer via the Grand Cru Crü member forum, and that thread is HERE

Below are a few terms we need to stipulate with this offer:
To receive the discount, members must use the links in the post (we have one for non-GCC members and one for GCC members, and they WILL be cross-referenced and adjusted accordingly)
*Some exclusions may apply. Discount is applied at checkout.


We are live!!!

Hey Todd, thanks for this! Since you said the CEO would be around, I have a question. I have an outstanding regular order I wanted to add wines to but the “add items” link only allows certain items to be added, not all the ones available on the site.

This has been an ongoing issue with my Michelin shipments as well (in that one not only can’t I add some wines, last time I tried it didn’t give me the 10% discount either).

Awesome, thank you. Pushed me over the edge on the Mouton.

Any chance we will see some new NDA wines during that time period we should plan for?

Thanks for the question! We are excited to say that the new feature we just launched should allow you to add any wine to your order, whereas previously you could only choose from a small selection. So if a wine is available to ship by your existing order ship date, you should be able to add it to your order. If you’re having issues with it, please feel free to send over your details to and we’d be happy to assist you or look into what may be causing the issue.

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Excellent choice!

We have a few that we’re really proud of going live over the next month and will work with Todd to get Wine Berserker members early access. Stay tuned!


Bolly at 55/pop with free shipping? No brainer!

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Is heat hold for Texas shipping an option?

Every time I have ordered wine from Wine Access I have picked my arrival date. Placed an order a few days ago for a mid-October delivery

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Yes. You can choose your delivery date at checkout and we’ll hold the wine for you at no additional cost. Additionally, we’ve created a proprietary technology that monitors zip-by-zip temperatures from our warehouse to your house so that we can deliver the wine when the weather is safest. If that’s interesting to you, just choose “Ship when the weather is safest” at checkout and we’ll notify you if we suggest moving your selected delivery date.

Nice offer - snagged some Bevan and Smith Haut Lafite along with some Tensley and Hoopes whites

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Is Michigan still on your black list as far as shipping goes?

We can ship most of our NDA wines to Michigan: Buy Limited Production Wines Online | The Wine Access Store

To those of us in NY, ground delivery only takes 1 day according to the site. Given the quick timing do people feel that ice packs are a consistently reliable solution to allow for shipping during summer heats? Or should I still hold it for milder weather?

Those trucks still turn into cookers, so I wouldn’t chance it once it gets in the mid 80s or higher

Anyone find any good buys in there? Even with the discount, I’m struggling to find any.


Hi Joe, thanks for chiming in. Can you comment further on these future offers? Pretty much every NDA has an incredible write up and pitch, but some have fallen very short. Ringer 19 (overly sweet) and Yesterday Howell Mountain 18 (smoke taint) come to mind. Did these wines just fall through the cracks?

On the lower end, Bedrock OVZ and Guigal St Joseph. Also Laherte Freres