Berserkers-Only Offer! Wine Access account discounts and GCC memberships!

i cant find mouton or bevan…where do u guys find those?

Can be region-specific

If you let me know what you like, I’m happy to help make some recommendations!

Unfortunately these sold out already! However we do have two 100-point Chateau Margauxs being offered tomorrow, a 2009 and 2010 – we will drop the link in this chat as soon as they are ready so you can get early access. Not sure if you were looking for other first growths or Pauillac specifically but we are really excited about the Margauxs.

While we are out of Bevan, we have really been loving Sire who does an amazing wine from Houyi. As you may have seen, Nine Suns / Houyi Vineyard was just acquired by Realm so it could be a great one to secure as it’s tough to tell what will happen with the property!

While you’re here, any chance for 20+ year-old Musar to pop up in the near future?

Sorry to hear you weren’t a fan of those two wines! Feel free to reach out to our member services team at about any unsatisfactory wines and we’ll be sure to credit your account.
To provide some perspective on our NDA Wines process, we lab tested the Yesterday for smoke taint multiple times (when we secured the wine and after bottling) and there was zero smoke taint detected.

We also had the wine team taste it again after seeing it mentioned in the forum and did not detect any smoke taint. As always, we want to be sure you’re happy with your purchase so if it didn’t meet your standards then happy to help.

One of our upcoming NDA’s is a Cab Franc under the Star Treatment label. For my money, it’s an incredible value—really well balanced and more powerful than I would expect of a Cab Franc. It’s being offered this weekend and we’ll be sure to drop the link here when it’s live!

Hey Joe. Mind putting your ITB info in your signature line please?


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What a great deal, picked up some great wines at great prices!

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Not to “thread drift” so we can pick this up in the Wine Access thread but I have consumed 6 or 7 bottles of Yesterday Howell Mountain between two different buyers and there is no smoke taint in these bottles.

I even went so far as to serve one blind to a group of extremely knowledgeable consumers (both a Napa winemaker and winery owner amongst the crowd) and the consensus was no smoke taint. I did not tell anyone what I was looking for in their experience with the blind only that they be brutally honest and critical of the wine. The wine performed so well that multiple people took down information on the bottle in hopes of sourcing more, however futile that may be at this date.

I write this because the narrative of “smoke taint” and this wine needs a wider discussion (and refutation in my opinion) as many consumers like myself have had nothing but stellar experiences with that wine.

Could there be bottle variation? Maybe. But to say this is a bottling of smoke tainted wines is inaccurate.

[Now back to looking for aged Musar to pop up on Wine Access …]

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Last thing I bought was 2012 Chateau Musar.
Do your offers stack by the way? I also have an offer from Amex.

Thanks! Bought a couple Laherte Freres, also 2018 Bibi Graetz’s Testamatta Magnum for $200 less the discounts was not a bad deal.

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Question on the add bottles to shipment offer. While I have seen this feature in the past, and the new feature now, my hold up has always been when I add wines to the order it doesn’t take into account that a coupon was used for original order. For instance, recently I made and order with a “happy anniversary” 12% off coupon. If I add bottles to that order will it take 12% off the new bottles as well. If not, it would be a GREAT feature to add to incentivize purchase. Plus I rarely make a purchase without a coupon whether it be a wine access coupon or an AMEX offer.

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I’m glad you guys have had good experiences. I do think there is a significant “roughness” that cannot be attributed to tannins. It is also extremely well documented that Hershey Vineyard in 2018 had smoke taint (as other Howell Mountain sites). If Dana doesn’t make a Hershey 18 because of smoke taint, and Yesterday HM 18 is from Hershey…well, you can do the math.

As promised, here are the 2 100-point Margaux’s available for sale:

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll pass it along to my team. Right now, the Wine Berserkers discount is good on all purchases through 7/28 so it will apply to, not just your initial order, but all purchases after that. If you ever have any issues with an order or discount, please don’t hesitate to reach out to and they’ll take great care of you.

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Hate to jump-on the Yesterday Howell train, since it’s not the topic at hand with this thread, but since it was brought up…

I actually did something similar to Kevin Patrick, but had markedly different results. I poured a bottle blind to a group of 3 Sommeliers (level 1, but still) and an honest-to-goodness winemaker w/ legit resume…and all agreed there was smoke taint. Given the differing experiences expressed here, however, AND the fact that my first 1-2 bottles showed zero signs of the flaw, I’m firmly in the ‘bottle variation’ camp on this one.

The great news - and kudos to your team Joe - is that the WineAccess customer service team stepped up and took care of it with their typical white-glove professionalism!

Now, about that Musar…?

So I ordered Tuesday. Shipped late last night I think and arrived today to NJ. There was one cold pack in the box. The neck of the bottle was warmer than I’d like but the middle to bottom third all seemed room temperature and not warm. Def not hot.

For the price of the Mouton I’d have loved another ice pack but my gut says all is fine. Funny thing is I’ll never know as I’m letting it age…

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I placed an order with a delivery set for next week. Will the order be combined into one order and one credit card charge if I buy a few more bottles now? I’m also coupon clipping and am curious how this will work with amex offers :slight_smile:

I placed an order.

Bunch of enablers! All of you!

For those asking about NDA wines, there’s one posted in Commerce Corner