Berserkerfest European chapter? Why not

I’ll be in Barcelona this June, and I have a handful of uncommitted days that I can use to travel anywhere in Europe and meet my fellow forumites. Anytime between June 10th and the 18th works for me, and then it’ll be a matter of picking a city that makes sense for us. I prefer Helsinki or Copenhagen, but I’m open to suggestions. @Otto_Forsberg @LasseK @Mikael_OB I hope we can make it work.


I am working all weekdays in that period and my weekend is already planned out sadly.

If you swing by Copenhagen a weekday I am all for meeting up for a glass of wine, but won’t be able to travel in that period sadly.


My husband and I will be in Copenhagen this summer. Any recommendations for restaurants and/or wine bars?

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I sure do. But a ton of advice was recently given in this thread:

[Copenhagen (NOMA) & Stockholm Trip in July - #30 by Robert_Dentice]

Give it a read. If you need more info feel free to ping me :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s always a possibility. I’ve never been there, and I have some friends that I could visit as well. I’ll let you know :wine_glass:

Just ping me here or on IG if you go :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of this gets planned please tag me just in case I can fly out as an excuse to go to Europe!


Absolutely :wine_glass:

Mariano, I love the initiative - thanks for trying to get it in motion!

Due to both private and work I’m not at the moment able to plan for a trip - 2 howevers:

  1. If somewhere nearby Amsterdam then I’m more likely to be able to make it

  2. For work it could happen that I might visit Copenhagen and/or Helsinki, so if something happens there then I will try to find a way to attend!

In Denmark from June 10-23rd if something should happen! And Paris 23-26.
Always happy to meet despite being very new here on the board.

That’s the attitude :wine_glass:. I don’t plan to go to Amsterdam on this trip, but I have a very good friend living in Utrecht so It’s not uncommon for me to head that way every now and then.

I can plan to be in Copenhagen sometime between June 10th and 14th. If @LasseK is available any day during that time period we could certainly have some wine together.

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A warm welcome to Helsinki! There are lots of great places to grab a glass or a bottle of wine. And wine tastings at the various offsites in Helsinki do occur quite regularly as well.

My only “plans” during those days are work and kids :smile:

But I can certainly find a few hours to hang out most of those days. I will be drunk on the 15th, so I prefer any day between the 10th and 13th :wink:

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Thanks, Otso. Fellow forumites like @Otto_Forsberg and @IlkkaL are doing a terrific job at portraiting Helsinki as the wine-tasting capital of the world. Initially, my idea was to visit either Copenhagen or Helsinki, but the possibility of going to both cities is starting to gain some traction now.

Cheers :wine_glass:


Cheers Mariano! I and Otto would be available on 14/15th of June if you are willing to make the trip over here. Would be great to see more berserkers in person and drink some wine together.

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Indeed, if fellow winos like @OtsoR, @AskoKassinen or @JohanS happen to be available on that weekend, do join us and let’s have some BYOB action!

Without forgetting @Steve_Havas

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Sounds great! I’ll let you know once I have the tickets. So far my tentative is June 11th through the 13th in Copenhagen and 14th through the 16th in Helsinki. Cheers :wine_glass:


Glad to not be forgotten. :slight_smile:

That weekend’s ok by me … it’s my last weekend in Helsinki for the summer and decadence sounds perfect. Would love to meet Berserkers … especially those who actually post from time to time, as opposed to me.


Oh yeah, there’s also @LenFox whom I’ve been meaning to meet but so far it has not materialized.