UPDATED to remove John T. and add Keith +1.

Please add my wife - Rebecca Schenk. She prefers a name to +1

Oops! Thought I had responded to this. Please add me and friend Melissa. Thanks!!!

Some of us would like to see Rebecca Schenk +1. [rofl.gif]

UPDATED to add Veronica (YAY! [dance-clap.gif] ) and her friend Melissa, and Rebecca +1. neener

I thought I signed up on other thread, but in any case if there’s room please add me.

Eh hem?

UPDATED to add Wagnuts, Dale Williams, Menu and Pricing. Let the games begin. [wow.gif]

Please put me as a yes


I’m in if I get to be Kevin’s chair for the evening.


Money sent. Now, I have to figure out how to earn it. [cray.gif]


Just raise the price of pork buns 40 cents.
You should be made whole by Saturday.

Just re-filled my Paypal account. You can expect your dough in 3 - 5 days.

Payment sent!

UPDATED, with payment info as well. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

Not that I want to upset the apple cart, but I will anyway. The thought of 5 ducks per table for those of us who enjoy eating flavorful wines that go better with non-poultry foods, followed by a day of wimpy Sushi on Saturday, makes for a lot of bad pairings. Would you have any objections if I walk around the corner to PDH and arrange for one table with some other dishes and, let’s say, only 3 ducks, to match the real wine that some of us prefer.

And BY THE WAY, I would like to have a table with maybe a flight or two of Keller, Donhoff, ZH etc. followed by one or two flights called “What’s all the fuss about 2007 Cali Cabs.” Rebecca and I could offer one of the QC single vineyards and a Two Hands Charlie’s Patch for those flights. Anyone up for that?

Yeah, I know that QC is not from California, but it’s good.

As I don’t particularly like duck, I would also appreciate other options. Wouldn’t mind ordering off the list and paying extra.

Otherwise, I will happily trade duck for green beans.

What happened to the fried seaweed?