OK folks, we’re confirmed for PDH Midtown NYC at 8pm. Not to hijack Leo’s thread, I decided to start a new one to make it easier to read. This way I can keep it updated and full of information.

Where= 236 East 53rd St. (b/w 2nd & 3rd Ave.)

When= 8pm


-$70pp if you have a PayPal account and transfer funds directly using PERSONAL GIFT AS THE REASON;
-Cancellations are OK until November 1st as I have to pay the restaurant early.

I’d like to do the Paypal thing again as it’s easier than going to the bank with a wad of checks. Just remember, if you don’t have an account with Paypal, or use a CC, there will be a small fee (usually $3). But, you can use credit cards and get points. My Paypal is

Mixed Apps Starters
5 Ducks/table + carcasses to gnaw on
Crispy String Beans
Mixed Chinese Greens

Tables= We’ll be at 10-tops, so each table can be organized that way.

So far, here is the list from Leo’s thread with those interested:

Leo +1 (PAID)
Toddster (PAID)
Mike Pobega (PAID)
Father Saxon (PAID)
Suzanne and Kenny (PAID)
Prof V a s t o l a (PAID)
Brad Kane (PAID)
Abooboo + 2 Lovely Ladies (PAID)
Jordan Whitehead (PAID)
Hombre Dorta
Rebacca Schenk +1 (PAID)
Dan Hammer (PAID)
Drew T
Kimberly Cabot (PAID)
Zach Lang (PAID)
TedErfer + 3 (PAID)
Keith Levenberg + 1 (PAID)
Diane and Nancy (PAID)
Mark Jahnke +1 (PAID)
Bary Lipton (PAID)
Steve Eisenhauer (PAID)
Garry & Cindy Allweiss (PAID)
Christine Huang (PAID)
Mike Shor (PAID)
Mont Stern (PAID)
Good Jay Miller (PAID)
David Cohen
Corey Miller (PAID)
Chris Kravitz (PAID)
David Lazer + 2 (PAID)
Veronica Castro + Melissa (PAID)
Dale Williams (PAID)
Wagnuts (PAID)
Steve Gellman (PAID)
James Kapon (PAID)
Brent Clayton (PAID)
Greg dal Piaz (PAID)
Zach Part Deux (PAID)
Ali Mostafavee (PAID)
Robert Bower (PAID)
Mark & Stacey Ricca (PAID)
Izzy Nosnik (PAID)
Leo’s friend JF +1 (PAID)
Brent’s buddy Al (PAID)
Drew Skroback (PAID)

Total PAID= 59
Stay tuned…
Cheers! [berserker.gif]

Mike and Dana can’t make it :frowning: but Kimberly Cabot can :slight_smile:

Hey, not that there’s anything WRONG with that…

Michel: For some reason, Leo didn’t update and add me +2 (see post #184). We’ll be there.

Look forward to meeting you, David.

Definite maybe

Sorry David,

Opppsss I missed you and Faryan.


Is this the back room (as in the first) or the middle room (which I think is what you had for the second)?

We’re in the Main room as the Back only holds 40 folks. And with this group, we need all the room we can get… [snort.gif]

Can’t make it this time, we’ll be in Paris then (so sad, shed a tear for us [wink.gif] ). Have a great time, have to catch up with you another day.

Well, we met at PDH in May and the next day at Jay Hack’s (remember my infamous “swan dive” blush ) but I look forward to seeing you again.

I remember Brad Kane stepping into the pool - you did a swan dive??

Not into the pool; I hit the deck.

LOL! I remember now! I would hardly call that a ‘swan dive’, but I like that you are making it sound graceful!

I’m in BTW


If you’re still taking names please add me + 1 - thanks!

I am so sorry, I have been on Mars or something. I am not going to be able to make this.
I hope this doesn’t cause anyone any financial grief, and if it does, let me know what I can do to make it right.

You still have to pay and I will eat your portion neener

Oh - and you have to send some wine [cheers.gif]