BerserkerDay V Master Thread

I’m adding a ‘first’ thread, as here is the best spot to explain what BerserkerDay is, to those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of participating in the madness. I’m fully expecting to set more traffic records, as we always do, and typically on BerserkerDay we get about 12,000 visitors to the site.


For those who do not know, BerserkerDay was named for the day it was founded at its current location on the web - January 27 - with the URL Each year, on the 27th, I invite wineries, retailers, and other peddlers of the wine industry to offer berserk deals on their wares. Each is posted throughout the day, and in (this year) 5-minute increments, spreading out the fun throughout the day, ending with an auction of even more fantastic items. This day of deals is a fantastic way for those ITB to give back to consumers, and also the reverse, as many, many new and exciting wineries/producers/wines are discovered by Berserkers on BerserkerDay, with purchases made, and discussions from those who might have experience with them. It’s also a way for me to give back to what makes Wine Berserkers what it is - the community! All the fantastic content on WB is from you (well, plus a lot from me and Ken V, with our 90 billion posts…), and here’s a way for me to setup a virtual party for everyone - current and future community members.

History of Wine Berserkers: The name ‘Berserkers’ actually comes from Mark Squires (the image below shows when/how the original group was named by him) and Melissa McCall for capturing the moment, before the word that bore our community became a banned word. Our growth has never stopped over the past 5+ years (there was half a year on another domain name as well) and we’re well over 16,000 registered members strong.
This year, be sure to tell your friends, as I’m opening the BerserkerDay V forum up to anyone who wants to see it - you don’t HAVE to be registered (unless you have an order that requires you to PM the winery, in that case, you better register!) to see the deals. We’ll have a Twitter hashtag of #berserkerday and hope that you can post your favorite threads on Facebook as well on the 27th. PLEASE help point it out to me, so I can see when folks are sharing. My Twitter handle is @toddfrench, so please tag me, and on Facebook, I’m easy to find.

Thank you for coming, and please be sure there is more available credit on your plastic than you ever assumed you’d need, because the deals are vast, varied, and fantastic.

I see a lot of Vayniacs coming out of hiding for this berserker day preview … [cheers.gif]

The preview has officially ended, so that we can preserve the launch times for all participants.

Now I need to get some sleep and be ready to be plastered to my computer all day tomorrow…

The offers will start being posted at 7:45 PST, 10:45 EST today. Everything is lined up…

Any way to make the starting times post available to donors today?

Multiple requests from the peanut gallery.

Any way to sort the forum by original post date/time (to easily new new offers as they post)?

Nope - this is part of the fun!!! champagne.gif

To those Donors who purchased via participants who sold yesterday and shouldn’t have, those sales may be cancelled (already heard from one participant who is cancelling the orders, and resetting them for the actual start, today) so that EVERYBODY has a chance at them.


of people logged in has doubled in the past 5 minutes.



Glad Todd is using better infrastructure than Schrader [stirthepothal.gif]

This ~is~ the right place, I hope.

Your posts said Berserker businesses were open for business 1/26 yesterday.

Lets go i’m losing it here man [wink.gif]

It’s up, back to the index to see.

With the web traffic, let’s see if the site can withstand it!

Link please.

Can only find last years.

Are you going to post the timetable again, or was that only a Donor preview benefit?