BerserkerDay Short Rib 'Cage Match' - Flannery ('Zabs') vs. Morgan Ranch

Tonight was a BerserkerDay ‘Cage Match’ between Flannery Zabuton (‘zabs’, as Katie calls them) short ribs versus Morgan Ranch Wagyu Chuck Boneless short ribs - winner take all - paired with 2011 Ridge Monte Bello.

I was trying to tie in as many recent threads as possible, like this thread on my Zabuton-as-short-rib question as well as this thread where discussions of the 2020 Ridge Monte Bello somehow sidetracked into the drinkability of 2011 Monte Bello

On to the contest…

I cut the Flannery Zabuton into slices for the braise, and had two pieces of Morgan Ranch in the braise alongside it, using this recipe as my basis, my tried-and-true red wine braised short ribs. I used a basic Cotes du Rhone, one that is basically undrinkable though not flawed, as my wine for the braise. Each taster was served a piece of each short rib on a bed of asparagus risotto.

Tasters: Me, Jen (wife), and Braydn (son)

Me: flavor edge goes to Morgan Ranch for sure, texture to Flannery - has a ‘melt in your mouth’ quality
Jen: Flannery, “hands down”
Braydn: “I can chew this with my tongue!” (referring to his choice, Flannery)

Monte Bello 2011 was a great pairing - decanted 5 hours, could have decanted 5 more, as by the end of the meal the wine was its best - if you drink this, it’s ready, but with a significant decant. Lighter vintage, yes, but it has the guts that makes Monte Bello famous - the bright fruit profile on the nose, great acidity, fantastic with short ribs, to be sure.


Looks so good! Have you shared your recipe?

It’s linked in the post :wink:

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Ah ha!

Thank you.

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Solid bro, let’s get a picture of that boiling demi, because that’s a big part of this recipe!!! Glad to hear the tasting notes for both absolutely superb and perfect cuts of beef. I think I’ve only had the Flannery personally. I do not think I have tried Morgan‘s short ribs. Sounds like an embarrassment of riches.

Nicely done Todd! Now if I could only get my kids to eat risotto.

No mirepoix, just garlic?

Yes, with this recipe, only garlic - I also make a eintopf version with fennel, sweet potatoes, etc. Next time I’ll try with mirepoix, as I strain the braising liquid before reducing anyway

Boiling demi, Alfert’s favorite~!

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Thanks for the follow-up “zabuton“ post! Sounds like this is the way to go, particularly because I purchased only one so have one cook to get it right.

100% this is the way

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88% Cabernet Sauvignon
8% Merlot
4% Cabernet Franc.

Sorry, couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

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