BerserkerDay Offer: The Great Oregon Wine Company OFFER EXTENDED

Okay - I like Linda Lindsay - we’ve had fun chatting it up about all the offers she’s putting up today, and this one is SO killer, I couldn’t wait any longer. However, the problem is that I’m not sure she realizes how many cases we can probably sell, since this is a case of really, really, really good Willamette Pinot Noir! John Cabot and I downed a bottle of this last week, and it is truly great. Since I’m on a buying freeze, and can’t buy it myself, I arranged with Linda to extend the offer to me for when I CAN buy one!

Rascal Pinot Noir, 2007 Vintage, Willamette Valley, Retail varies dependant on state, but our price for BerserkerDay will be $ 75.00 per case (that’s $6.25 per BOTTLE, folks - and it is insane good, even improves with air, wtf!) and we will donate $ 5.00 per case back to the site;

Rascal Pinot Gris, 2009 Vintage, Willamette Valley, Retail varies dependant on state, but our price for BerserkerDay will be $ 75.00 per case and we will donate $ 5.00 per case back to the site; The case price works out to be $ 6.25 per bottle, can’t beat that one !

To order, call Linda and the gang at 503-434-9025, and after 5pm PST, dial 503-434-1155

See the TN’s for the '07 PN here -" onclick=";return false;

More notes on both PN and PG here -" onclick=";return false;

I will Back up what Todd said about this. We both went into it not expecting much at all. We ended up drinking the whole bottle over the course of two or so hours and it kept changing with each sip- getting better and better. This is a very delicate style that offers incredible nuance, balance and class for a rediculously low fair. It shows delicate cherry/strawberry, with a classic ORPN nose of damp forest floor, some baking spice and clean red fruit. The palate is light, but pure. If you are a true Or PN fan, this is the biggest no brainer ever.
I’m in for two cases.

1 case of Pinot Noir ordered!

Yeah, what to you two know? What does Kimberly think! neener

This is a ridiculous deal! Left a message - hope I get a reply! [thankyou.gif]

I’m QUITE sure phone lines are busy, lol

Linda isn’t in yet but whoever answers the phone will take your order.

That wine is an abomination.

I know it’s 6 bucks ( it’s actually $6.99 at our local freddies and QFC ), but come on!! For that money, you can get a great spanish garnacha, tempranillo, or even a freaking latte from starbucks that will taste better.

I can give you all the names of about 10 Oregon wineries off the top of my head that are selling GREAT oregon pinot for less than $20/bottle by the case.

Nothing against the winery for generating cash ( I think this is a second label of stone wolf )… but this wine is NOTHING like a good Oregon Pinot… This is what happens when you don’t crop any fruit and just make the most wine you can put in a bottle, and market it at a cheap price for the masses.

Maybe I’m just an uptight ass. They say that a rising tide floats all boats… so maybe someone who buys a $7 pinot will move on to better pinots in the future… but I’m not buying it.


i hope this is some kind of inside joke. otherwise, that’s in pretty poor taste.

It is, indeed, in poor taste, Todd.

You have 2 posts in total and this is one of them. Not pleased.

My testament as well as that of others is posted above - if you don’t like it, Todd, then don’t buy it.

Can anyone tell me what it costs to ship a case of this to the East Coast?

Who are you?

I’ve shared wine with Todd French and John Cabot so if they recommend a wine, that’s it case closed. Why don’t you get some credibility before you blast a winery.

Fixed! neener

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

Oh that’s right, Frenchy likes Chave.

Todd, can you expound on your impression other than an abomination? This wine(and I’m trained as a winemaker to look for flaws in wine) had 0 flaws and showed a lot of complexity. If you only like big wines, than this may not be your style, but an abomination? Srsly??

disclaimer- I’ve never met these folks, and have never had any of their wines before, and have 0 motivation other than calling a spade a spade.

If you don’t like a wine posted in these sales threads, please keep it to yourself or post a tasting note in wine talk. Thank you

I agree I don’t have any credibility on this site ( I just joined today )… but I definitely know Oregon Pinot.

I also agree I should have just not said anything, but that wine just rubs me the wrong way… and isn’t this supposed to be a forum where freedom of expression is not only allowed but encouraged?

I don’t have anything against the winemakers… I don’t know linda but met her at the winery years ago when we first moved… I’m sure they’re nice folks and I’ve enjoyed their pinots and chards at various parties over the year.

Again… Nothing against the winery… but I feel this wine should be labled “Oregon Table Wine” as opposed to “Oregon Pinot Noir”.

( I also said I might be an ass… I guess I just proved that I am, or at least willing to throw my opinions out there ).

Todd, if you have strong opinions, I think you’ve found a new home. I’m just asking that those opinions go in wine talk rather than this forum where we have winemakers making a fun day for all members with offers and discounts.

Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the clarification. I’m not a regular poster on any forum, so I appreciate the direction.

I hate to do this, but I’ll run up to the store and grab a bottle or two and do some tasting notes and write them up… evaluating it over the course of three different days to see what happens.

Have a great day. hitsfan