BerserkerDay Offer: The Alsation Sensation

In honor of our Special Wine Guest Florian Beck-Hartweg, Tanaro River Imports has put together two FANTASTIC packages for you Alsace freaks out there, and you know who you are!

Str8 outta Dambach la’ Ville, and our Berserker Special Guest Florian Beck-Hartweg vineyard, it’s the “Alsatian Sampler”
Features two bottles each of the following wines: (12 wines total)
2007 Pinot Noir ““F””
2008 Auxerrois Vieilles Vignes
2006 and 2007 Pinot Gris Grand Cru “Frankstein”
2007 and 2008 Riesling Grand Cru “Frankstein”

All this can be yours for ONLY $175.00!!! A CASE TO YOUR PLACE FOR $175! WHAT? (shipping extra, of course, but come ON, people!)

For those that like their wines freaky and untamed (Benjamin Sullivan, settle down, man…), it’s none other than “Gewurzt-Gone-Wild”!!

Two bottles each of the following wines:
2004, 2005 (Gold metal winning "Best Gewurztraminer in the world) & 2006 Gewurztraminer Grand Cru “Frankstein”
2007, 2008 Gewurztraminer “Cuvee de l’Oures” (Cuvee of the Bear, or is it “bare”!?!)
2007 Gewurztraminer Vendanges Tardives (500 ml, also gold medal for “Best Gewurztraminer in the World”)

Blow your mind Gewurz-style for ONLY $250.00!! That’s for a CASE, baby!

Tanaro and Florian teamed up with our very own Napa Valley Wine and Cigar, so that we can keep Carrie busy fulfilling orders rather than annoying us on the forum! To order either (or both, if you were smart) of these cases, email Carrie at

Tanaro River will donate $10 back to Wine Berserkers for each case sold so don’t be stingy! Order early, order often… the quantities are limited and will last until the last case is sold.

case . . . case. . . 6-packs?

YO DAWG! [highfive.gif]

Cases, Ken, and don’t be shy with the PM function.

Now buy some!

I’m a fan of the Auxerrois - just got a case - and that was a re-load.

In for the Gewurztraminer case, wooohoo Gewurztraminer flirtysmile

I’ll be confirming everyones orders shortly, have to finish some store biz.

These are some awesome wines at great prices.

Woo hoo! Berserker Day 2011

Gotta try those gewurtz, the vendange tardives was the kicker!

Sombody’s in early!!!

I figured if I just PM, then the next person doesn’t know and posts anyway so …

Are these wines sweet/dessert wines?

I will ask Florian to come by with his notes on all of the wines, but generally “no”… The Gewurztraminer, with the exception of the VT, tend more towards “off dry” than truly “sweet”… The Riesling are dry, and the sweetness of the Pinot Gris is balanced with the minerality of the granite-laden soil of the Frankstein grand cru.

hope this helps!

Me too, assuming I sent my email to Carrie in time.

This is a “standing offer” so it’s while supplies last… and I have descent amount of stock, so you should be fine.

Thanks for supporting Carrie, Florian and Tanaro (and another $10 to WB!)

Hello everyone,

I’ll give you a short comment of each of these wines:

Pinot Noir “F” 07: that is a very rare wine. As you know, Pinot Noir is not allowed to carry the mention “grand cru” in Alsace. But I own a very old Pinot Noir vine which is located on the area of our Granitic Grand Cru FRANKSTEIN. We are not allowed to name it Grand Cru, that’s why we named it “F”. The wine is very fruity in the nose, with nice smoke and pepper notes from our granitic soil. Mouth is very elegant and fresh (also typical fromp granite), with very ripe tanins. Non Oaked. This is a very particular Pinot, for those who like to discover something new!
Auxerrois Vieilles Vignes 2008: Also a very particular wine! Grape variety Auxerrois is not very well-known, because it is usually blended with Pinot Blanc and labeled as Pinot Blanc. I think that Auxerrois has a very different character, so I decided to choose our best old Auxerrois Vineyard, located on a granitic slope, and to vinificate it separately. This gives a very fresh and fruity wine, lightly sweet. The saltiness and the nice acidity of the granite gives him a nice balance, very agreable to drink as an aperitive.
Pinot Gris Grand Cru FRANKSTEIN: The expression of Pinot Gris on the granitic FRANKSTEIN is very particular: it gives a very elegant wine. Long in mouth, lightly sweet but with a nice balance thanks to the saltiness and the freshness of the granite. Long in mouth.
Grand Cru Frankstein Riesling: Two very good vintages. Very pure, dry and mineral Rieslings. Very long in mouth, don’t hesitate to let them age another 5 to 15 years: they will become more and more mineral!


Gewurz Grand cru Frankstein is one of our specialities. Frankstein give us a very spicy expression of the Gewurz, and very elegant and balanced. Lightly sweet for the 05 and 06, almost dry for the 04, which is very interesting to pair with strong cheeses or spicy food. 05 vintage won a gold medal at the best gewurz of the world awards 2 years ago. It is now out of stock here, lucky you to have the possibility to have some!!
Cuvee de l’Ours Gewurz grow on a sandstone soil, which gives a cpompletely different character than the granitic Frankstein: more exotic, mellow on the palate, a bit sweeter. Nice balance also.
Late harvest (vendanges tardives) Gewurz 2007: This late harvest comes from a very old vineyard planted on a nice granitic slope. You will be surprised by its incredible balance: at the same time exotic, with mellow and dried fruits notes, and very long in mouth with a very fresh and elegant finish! Won a gold medal at the best gewurz of the world awards last year. Also out of stock here, lucky you again :wink:

You can discover more about my small estate here: welcome at Yvette and Michel BECK-HARTWEG's cellar" onclick=";return false; and don’t hesitate to visit the special guest topic, where I am this week. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions here or there.

Hope this will help you!


Thanks Florian! If anyone takes the time to run Wine Searcher on most of these wines, you will see how absolutely crazy Ms. Carrie is with respect to the pricing!!

I can hear Randy now in his best "mattress discounters vioce:… “Yer killing me, Carrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee”

If someone does find them, feel free to post them up!

How about the 2007 Gewurztraminer Vendages Tardive for $41.99?

2007 Couve de l’oures for $31.99?

or the 2004 Gewurt Frankstein for $27.99

Thats over $200 there and it’s only half of your “Gequrzt-Gone-Wile”… plus don’t forget each case = $10 to Wine Berserkers!

Everything between $20-$42 as far as I can tell.

I’m pretty tempted. Anyone taste these (particularly the Gewurz)?

wine makers note’s are above… i’m a bit biased but the VT is spectacular and the 2006 Frankstein (picked before the rains) is a “conversation piece”… Traditional nose mingled with smoke, spicy palate highlighted by orange pekoe/black tea, you think it’s going one way and it flips and goes another finishing dry.

the Cuvee is really soft and beautiful, classic Gewurztraminer…