BerserkerDay Offer: The Alsation Sensation

We had the opportunity to taste most of these wines being offered and they are all really really good. I didn’t take detailed notes but throughly enjoyed them . George sent us some to try so I would know what we were selling.
We don’t currently carry them as inventory.

Thanks Carrie, glad that you liked!

any truth to the rumors that quantities are running low?

We have a few left. There has been lots of interest for these.

what time does this nonsense finally end??? Oh, man… what a great day!

nonsense, how can you say that ? It’s been a fun day… I’m making invoices and you’re joking around

I better go pour a glass of gewurtz neener

I’d start with the 08 Riesling Frankstein if I was you, then coat your pipes with some scrumptious, palate pleasing VT… afterall, it’s “the best Gewurztraminer in the world” an it has the gold medal sticker right on the bottle to prove it!

oh, and for those that purchased either case… can you find the pregnant woman on the label??? Neither could ATF/TTB!!! ssshhhhhhh…

going, going… almost gone!

if any one is on the fence, these are all organic wines… check out Florian’s comments on the Special Guest board…

just got off the phone with Carrie - order placed! [thankyou.gif]

Thanks to everyone who ordered, hope you will enjoy!

It will interrest me a lot if you could post your TNs after tasting, I’m very curious how you will like it and how you will describe it!


Yes, absolutely, to these wines and ALL BerserkerDay wines!