BerserkerDay 11 is coming up!! (Jan 27, 2020)

I’ve been asked by a few people over the course of the last couple of weeks about BerserkerDay, and since it’s starting to creep up on us, I figured it might be smart to start a ‘save the date’ thread about it.

Here’s the Master Thread from BerserkerDay 10 (BD10) last year, for you to browse and brush up on the event:

Happy to use this thread for more thoughts, ideas, feedback, etc. I know the participating wineries and retailers often don’t have time to chat about things until the last minute when they don’t have a choice (part of the fun of doing EVERYTHING with your business, from pruning to harvest to sorting to tanks to bottling to marketing, etc) because BerserkerDay won’t move dates!

This year it is on a Monday, no better day to think less about work than BerserkerDay, so I welcome it! Very little will be accomplished at all the Berserkers’ places of business on Monday the 27th, I predict.

As before we’ll have Grand Cru Crü members able to view ALL offers the day before, and purchase from BerserkerBusiness members the day before. (For those considering joining, note that in the past a couple offers have sold out on Preview Day…so the rest of the Berserkers lost the opportunity once the public postings were launched) We’ll have auctions, as always, and ask that you save a dollar or two for those.

It’s not even Thanksgiving! stop putting up Berserker day lights and decorations people! :wink:

My first year…very excited! Though I did pick up a couple cases of Sandler late…only spending 5K this year…ok, maybe $7500, but that is it! 10K and that’s my limit! I’m in real trouble…


You’re internet famous Todd! champagne.gif flirtysmile I bet you’re chuffed over the attention.

Maybe you’ll get a star on some walkway somewhere. [winner.gif] [thumbs-up.gif]

Working on getting some additional players to participate. Have confirmation from one today that will be awesome.

Should be a WB crowd pleaser.

I have a bazillion kids on a field trip that day–will go until late night, so it looks like I’ll have my fun on preview day.

The one we’ve been emailing today? If so, yeah, that one will be a big time crowd pleaser

Wine Spectator subscriptions and access to Robert Parker? newhere [stirthepothal.gif]

You mean ‘free tires with every Wine Advocate subscription’? #michelin

Helicopter rides at Screaming Eagle. [stirthepothal.gif]

Deals on Ridge!

Great idea! I’ll see if I can make that work

Joy ride in Blum’s RV

or Alfert’s ‘truck’?

That would be awesome. And bust the bank!

Asking for a friend of a friend

Financial planning from Victor all in one blind link.

Is there a listing of all of the offers from last year’s BD? I’d like to see what wines were on offer and at what price. I’m also guessing that sellers who participated last year are likely to do so this year. True?

Mark - go to Board Index and you will see a section for BerserkerDay 10 with all the related posts. Very handy for getting an idea of what the madness is like. Most years it’s a lot of previous sellers participate but there’s always some turnover and definitely interesting new offers.