Berserkerama Anaheim June 23-29 ***UPDATED DETAILS & POLL***

Please select a theme for Friday & Saturday Nights

  • Knights of the Rhône Table
  • Snow Whites
  • California Adventure
  • PINOT-cchio
  • Iberianaheim (Spain/Portugal)
  • Mickey & Minnie’s Cheesefest (cheese/wine pairings)
  • Bubbly Boppity Boo
  • Sleeping Beauties (pre-1999 wines)
  • Geppetto’s cellar (Italy)
  • Pirates of the Mediterranean (pan-Med wines)
  • Small World, Large Bottles (1.5/3 liter bottles)
  • Other (please note in thread post)

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Hear ye, hear ye, all Berserker brethren (and sistren?) [dontknow.gif]

I have booked a kitchen-equipped party pad in the shadows of the Magic Mouse-run Kingdom for seven nights of what I hope will be memorable camaraderie and delicious food and wine. There are still details to be fleshed out, of course, but I just want to whet the collective appetites for this gathering. I will PM location details to those planning on coming, and there are limited overnight accommodations available for those traveling from a distance. You can come for one night, or all nights, whatever floats your party boat. In addition to the aforementioned kitchen, the location is adjacent to a variety of restaurants if you don’t feel like cooking. Wines? Just bring what you want to share with your fellow Berserkers. Just throwing out the basics so those interested can make plans to attend.

I’ll happily answer any and all questions you may have, especially since it’s probable that you’ll come up with some that I haven’t yet considered. I look forward to sharing the week with many of you from near and far!

It seems that there is a groundswell for some semblance of order to this, so let me throw this out. Many of you are indicating that you are interested in Friday 6/26 & Saturday 6/27, so for these most popular nights, I will let you collectively choose a theme. Festivities for each night will begin at 5 pm. Nota bene: Friday night, regardless of whatever wine theme emerges, will also be Poker Night to appease those inveterate card sharks among us (present company not included [beee.gif] ) Cast your votes in the poll above.

Planning to attend:
Jason Hagen
Todd French
Cris Whetstone
Sarah Warner 26th
Mike & Dana Stoneking 26th & 27th
Gregg Greenbaum 26th tentative
Jeremy Hannah
Veronica Castro 26th
Leah Amir
Eldon Gath
Charlie Fu
Chris White
Paul Burns
Professor Dietz
Arnie & Lisa Caplan
Andy Velebil
Glenn Murlin
Barry Cole
Guillaume Deschamps 26th/27th

To add the first of what will probably be many clarifications, other than the cost of the food and wines, this is free. I am in a “use it or lose it” situation with the room, so use it, we will! [dance.gif] [dance2.gif]

Sounds like a great time and very generous. I’m taking a long weekend in Scottsdale those days or I’d join. Enjoy.

Count me in for a few nights.


If you get bored with the desert, hop on over, Cheryl!

I’m a quick 30 minutes from Mickeyland, and have continuous annual passports. I’d be happy to join for whatever, and need not fill up sleeping space since I live close by.

Glad to have both of you gents on board.

Well I live in the city if 12 miles from the Big D. But I am in for any debauchery of course. [berserker.gif] [drinkers.gif]

Oh ME! ME! I wanna come join! And I’d prefer to not have to drive home :slight_smile: I’ll take a couch, floor, whatever! Weekend only for me–26th or 27th :slight_smile: [d_sunny.gif]

Kriss, Put Dana and I in for some of the weekend festivities. Since we are up in Ventura, could we grab on of the palatial suites you are so kindly offering for Friday and Saturday?

Sarah and Mike, so noted. Sarah, as we get closer, let me know which of the nights works better for you.


Very cool.

Please put me down as tentative for Friday night 6/26. I’m returning from the Live Oak Music Festival on Mon. Tue is Ron Freed’s shindig. The weekend has me at ABBA at H-Bowl Saturday and the EWG has a Sunday event. I hope I can make it work.

My home town! Depending on the details, we might be able to make it over to the House of Mouse for a weekend night.

Keep me posted! [good.gif]

Sounds fun! I’m in OC (so no need for accommodations, but thanks!) and with an annual D-land pass. Keep us posted!

Sounds like a blast, I’m in!

Great. I don’t know how close you live to Sarah, but perhaps a carpool may be in order? Glad to have you aboard, Leah. Someone bring a Burg to keep her happy, folks! :smiley:

If Whetstone doesn’t have a date by the time it rolls around I might even make it for a night – I will likely be driving to/from San Diego around the weekend of the 26th/27th and there could be a stop en route.

Hope it works out, Josh. It’ll be good to pop corks with you again.

Whetstone with a date?


Yes, Todd, that was obviously a big, hanging curveball right over the fat part of the plate. I chose to look it off, but don’t blame you for swinging away. And you can bet Cris will be here to defend himself shortly.