Bedrock Spring 2023 Release Save the Date

I agree there’s a line, but don’t see anything in this thread that crossed it, and more importantly, I would like to encourage winemaker participation of exactly the type MTP offered in this thread.


I couldn’t disagree more and I echo all of the comments preceding mine. This thread was started by members to discuss the upcoming release. I value the opinions of so many on here and learn much from their experience with the wines included in a particular release. While I’ve been buying Bedrock for ~8 years or so, their experience far exceeds mine and I find the discussion so informative. If you feel these threads which appear for each release cross some line, simply don’t read them. The ongoing what Bedrock are you drinking thread will provide you what you’re looking for. To discourage participation from Morgan, or any other producer, I just don’t understand.


Not to pile on, but hearing from the folks making the wines I buy and enjoy is one of the best parts of this forum. Now, if only someone could get Ketan to log on and give some details on the Beta spring release…


Could be the least popular opinion ever offered on WB.


Completley off base. As noted earlier, multiple people here literally ASK Morgan to share the upcoming release letter prior to the actual email going out, and Morgan is nice enough to oblige (even though he’s clearly crazy busy right before the offer goes live). This is something to be appreciated and celebrated…not maligned and questioned. Odd comment for sure?? Maybe get a better feel for what’s actually going on next time before firing off a hot take?


Both Morgan and Chris are truly ‘salt of the earth’ folks. Period.

Their expertise and knowledge about the vineyards they work with and old CA vines in general is impressive and thank goodness they enjoy sharing that with others, including on this board.

Please keep doing what you do. Period.


Well, that escalated quickly. :roll_eyes:
9 posts in your history? Perhaps get a better feel for the board before dumping on one of its darlings?



I agree that we want to encourage this kind of participation. There should be no question about it.


Precisely. One of the top values of WB is the involvement of winemakers like Morgan who share updates and their expertise with us.


You obviously have no idea how this board works, the spirit of it, the history of it. If it’s wine-related, it’s welcome here. Winemakers’ participation is welcome and valued.
If a winery/winemaker simply wants to promote their wine for sale, they can post in CC or on B-Day.
In other words, you’re simply wrong in many ways.


I suppose the best thing at this point would be for you to offer constructive suggestions. In other words, if you were running this board, how would you handle members wanting to discuss winery releases? How would you handle winemakers voluntarily chiming in to provide useful details and information? You’d ban that practice? I cannot imagine how the Board would be better for that.


This is never going to be a popular take on the board. I would welcome more winemakers to share tasting notes on their releases AND interact when possible with board members.


That is a high bar but probably true.

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Larry – what you, Marcus, Adam, and many others bring to this board is unique, exceptional and cherished. I subscribe to a large number of wine related services in print, on-line and streaming channels and I have learned and will learn as much or more from this board thanks to the other members, many of them winemakers like yourself, taking time to discuss and educate. Thank you.


Well, I suppose I have the ignominious distinction of writing one of the least popular posts on this board. I didn’t set out to do so. I see now the value add for a wine producer’s notes and background to their upcoming releases. I will say though that civility is sometimes a rare commodity. And it always worth stepping back to remind ourselves that it’s only wine we’re talking about. Cheers to all who reacted to my comments and let’s all rock on with Bedrock.


I thought the responses were reasonably civil.
It could have been much worse.


Luckily it was a morning post.

Definitely could have been worse. I just kind of laughed and held my tongue…internet gonna internet.