Bedrock Apology and Refund - Merged

Just received an email from Morgan alerting me to expect a refund of the 09 Zinfandel I purchased as it was not up to his standards. I have yet to taste the Zin but remember seeing mixed reviews on here. However I can’t think of a person who retails any product more in-tune with their clientele than Morgan. In this economy the wine market expects to get what they pay for so if he truly does not believe that this wine is indicative of Bedrock than i am amazingly impressed by this and in no way will this prevent me from ordering more Bedrock in the future.

Just received this email from Morgan:

After a lot of thought, laboratory testing, and more thought I have decided to issue a refund for the 2009 Russian River Valley Zinfandel. For a number of reasons I can theorize about, the wine in bottle little resembles the wine many people enjoyed out of barrel while tasting at the winery. Though I think the wine will improve in bottle it is not reflective of the standards of quality that I pride myself on keeping at Bedrock Wine Co…

Wow. I have 4 of these but hadn’t popped one yet due, in part to the awful reviews on CT (avg.78.2 pts in 15 notes). I was hoping some age would help. Classy move since he acknowledges something went wrong. Good to get out there ahead of the problem. [welldone.gif]

Just received this as well. Stand-up move, although I might be happy to live with it as an experiment (2 bottles at $20/each won’t kill me).

Kudos to Morgan, I received an email earlier today from Vinfillment and noticed that there was wine missing. He quickly responded to my email explaining what was up.

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Classy (not to mention “smart”) move. [thumbs-up.gif]

You still can. There is nothing in the email about returning the bottles to him.

Man is this stand up all the way or what? We all can name other concrete examples where wines have been sold to mailing list customers that were clearly subpar, or worse, and absolutely nothing was done including even recognizing the lousy wine aloud.


What a smart and classy move. Think this is the first time I have ever seen a winery do this. Speaks volumes to the quality standards and solidifies my desire to be a long-term customer.

I don’t recall how many cases he made of this (and he’s removed it from his website already) but CT lists 274 total purchases. Must be much more than that out there. I certainly know where my refund will be re-invested! [cheers.gif]

My refund is going right back into purchasing more Bedrock the next offer.

Classy for sure. I’ll just end up using the refund to buy more/all of my spring allocation.
Thanks Morgan.

Pure class. Not only are his wines awesome, this kind of customer service is best in class. Agreed, all of the refund will be spent on Bedrock.

He had held back my Zin when I picked my wine up stating that he was doing some testing based on feedback on CT and elsewhere and was considering a refund if warranted but swore me to secrecy. Thanks for the stand-up approach to customer service and to your product Morgan. In true Berserker fashion! Very impressive. Just give me a credit towards the Spring release.
[cheers.gif] [welldone.gif] [berserker.gif] [dance-clap.gif]

If more people (including me) ran their lives like Morgan runs his wine business, the world would be a better place! [cheers.gif]

Class act all the way.

While obviously customers are unhappy getting a sub-par product, this shows there’s nobody this bothered more than Morgan. It’s a very personal thing to him that people enjoy the wines he makes.

Well done, Morgan. What a classy and stand up move.

I have been trying to buy more from wineries that value my business and don’t treat me just like a number. This obviously fits that bill and then some. I look forward to their Spring release.

Tonight is bowling league so it will be champagne of the working class for me, but I will definitely be opening some Bedrock this week as another reminder of why I love to support this winery.


A classy, generous, and I might add, essentially unnecessary move, but one which reflects his obvious commitment to maintaining very high standards. Both in a winemaking and business sense, he is showing others (and many of the “others” are twice his age or more) how to do it the right way. Obviously the apple fell close to the tree.

What I scratch my head over is who gave this wine a 90 on CT? I mean it had scores as low as 68.

Think about that statement for a minute. This really could have a ripple effect on a portion of the industry in a consumer friendly way.