Bedrock Apology and Refund - Merged

I agree with all the above statements. I’ve never seen anyone do this before. Anybody know of anyone else who has gone to this length to correct something they saw as wrong?

If there is a spoilage issue then you could see dramatic variation. It sounds like this was really good juice in barrel and something went awry.

Kudos to Morgan!

Brian Loring had some closure issues with his 2002’s. Rather than issuing a full refund, on subsequent order forms he had a line where customers could fill in defective bottles on an honor system for a refund on subsequent orders. Also a highly classy, standup move!

Props to the man. I will be putting that money towards the Spring mailer.

FYI, I added a note to the Wiki page for that wine on CT.

I also will be putting my refund back into bedrock orders in the future! Class act!

For the record, Nick and Andy Peay recalled their 2007 Pomarium Pinot when they detected low levels of brett. I chose to keep mine after tasting and deciding the wine was fine (for me!), but another class act by the winemakers.


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The highest I see is 83. And that was two weeks ago.

+1500 on the classiness of this move. Stellar.

I believe Vega Sicilia in Spain took back some wine in the mid-90s – TCA or some other problem.

There’s a 90 from 12/23 from Rlane.

Weird! Not on mine. rlane shows up on the Old Vine Zin (on 12/22 no less) but not on the RRV Zin for me.

Weird! Not on mine. rlane shows up on the Old Vine Zin (on 12/22 no less) but not on the RRV Zin for me.[/quote

try this link 2009 Bedrock Wine Co. Zinfandel Russian River Valley, USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley - CellarTracker
I subscribe, maybe that gives me more data. Not sure.

Same wine (shows my bottles as pending, cuz they were until today). I subscribe, too. Still not there. Odd.

The 12/23 score provides no additional information and is masked based on your profile settings. Try changing your user settings so you don’t “hide ratings without tasting notes” or whatever the actual text is.

All the more confirmation as to why I have my settings as they are. Thanks for figuring it out, though!

Wasn’t there an '08 Anderson Valley Pinot producer that was going to take back smoke-tainted wines? [stirthepothal.gif]

Without regard to who may have done the same in the past, this is a classy move and makes me feel good about my association as a customer.

Peay did something like this a few years ago. [cheers.gif]

Kudos to Morgan . . . well done, my friend.