Beckstoffer Las Piedras

LOVE this vineyard. Hits all the right notes for me. Would be our house wine if I had the expendable income. Fait Main Las Pedras is hard to beat and is our go-to for special occasions.
Curious if others have a favorite from this vineyard, i.e. is it worth splurging on Paul Hobbs, Schrader, etc.
Any others from this place that are a “must try”…?

Carter has produced the excellent La Bam" and “La Verdad” versions of Cab from Las Piedras - it will be interesting to see if these continue under Russell Bevan.
Quivet’s take on the vineyard never disappoints

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Cost for these? Just curious . . .



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Fait-Main is such a compelling wine from this site, and perhaps prefer it over Carter La Verdad or Quivet (but those are the only others I’ve had).

I think those wines are in the $165-195 range.

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I had the fait main from sleeping lady and wasn’t all that impressed. Never had the Piedras but heard it’s good.

B Cellars LPV is pretty fantastic. I haven’t had Schrader or Hobbs but I’d put the BC LPV at the top in the ~$200 price range. Fait Main, Quivet and Carter are all very good as others have said but I’ve never done any side by sides.

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I’ve tried Paul Hobbs Las Piedras. It was maybe a year ago and I think it was a 2013 vintage. Very nice, rich, velvety, but what I remember most is the supple, grainy tannins. Was drinking very nicely and should age quite well.

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+1 for B Cellars LP. The two best LPs in my book are 2015 Carter Verdad and 2013 Fait Main. Both wines on release were mind-bending; perfect wines if there is such a thing.

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It’s been my favorite vineyard in the valley for years. Here’s a few rec’s.

Momento Mori
Alejandro bulgheroni
Vice versa

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Got a 2014 vice versa just waiting for the right occasion. :slight_smile:

We did a family horizontal for fun one night. Palates ranged from myself (omnivore) to Caymus loving in laws to my wife who doesn’t like claret unless it’s in a very specific age range where tannins have mellowed but it hasn’t dropped TOO MUCH fruit.

Sleeping lady was the consensus last place. MH was the favorite for everyone and LP more divisive.

I agree that MH seems to be quite the diplomat.

One of my favorite semi affordable Las Pedras is by Anthem. I’ve only had the 2016 but it’s a great mix of fruit and cedar. Used to be able to get it at Wine Slash for $70ish but it appears they’re sold out atm.

My favorite are the 3 Carters. La Verdad, La Bam, Los Compadres. I find Quivet to be hit or miss. I’ve only tried the regular. Have a few of the Shiverick in the cellar, but have yet to try them. Vice Versa is good too.

Drinking a Vice Versa LPV 2016 right now. Amazing juice. My favorite of all of the amazing Beckstoffer vineyards.

One of the true showstoppers of that vintage/vineyard. The last several releases of VV have all been :fire::fire::fire:

True. I’ve mostly had 19’s, but all of them are terrific. All fire.

Paul Hobbs consistently knocks it out of the park with this vineyard - the 2012 is fantastic

If you’ve got multiple Shiverick’s and some decant time, they are great–if you like big fruit, and youthful energy. Not sure where this wine will be headed after youth, but I already consumed my bottles. It seemed much more ready to go than a 2019 Carter La Verdad.

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