Becklyn Open

Usually about $25. But I dunno - I just saw $42 UPS ground shipping for a 6-pack of wine and it freaked me out. Is that really what it costs? newhere

I think the SB is Spottswoode good.

Great structure.

I really enjoyed the SB last year, and was glad I bought in.

Try any 2013 Cirq??

I will have to do that comparison at some point. I have one '12 SB Spottswoode (mag) left, and I have one '13 Becklyn SB to open one day (when I’d have few for a vertical)

I had the same thoughts Joe. I couldn’t justify spending $42 on SB. I’m sure it’s a nice wine, but that is above my price range for SB. I went for 3 of the Napa and 1 Moulds, which is a bit of a splurge for me anyways.

Like Joe said! Perhaps we can do something the friday night before the game with some of your local fans down here! I’m sure we could all use an excuse to drink some wine. [rofl.gif]

Have you ever shipped a six pack of wine, its around $30 ground, then you have to buy the shipping case which im guessing is around $8, so its $38 before any labor etc so yes $42 is what it costs

I hope y’all save me a few, I’m not up until next week.

I was on the fence, so I opened a bottle of the 2013 last night to help decide. It was very pleasant and drinkable, and I decided that for the price it is a good value. I went ahead and purchased 3 of the regular and 3 of the reserve.

I ended up going 2/2/2.

Eric, did you open the regular or reserve 2013? I read somewhere that the reserve may actually be drinking better than the regular at this time.

I opened the regular. Interesting to hear that about the reserve. I might check one out in the next couple of months.

$30 to ship 3 bottles of SB to San Francisco. Unfortunately, I have to pass.

Hopefully there is some left for us wait-listers early next week. Some of the posts here have me intrigued and I will definitely grab some of each.

Andy Kei!!or



Ive opened both and the reserve is definetly drinking better than the regular. Doesnt mean that the regular is a bad bottle its just a bit more tannic and structured, i find 13’s generally to be unapproachable, the exception being the reserve, with a decant and bit of air it is spectaular. In fact im planning on popping another reserve over the weekend for my birthday

You need to order more bottles to spread the cost.

Living on the east cost all wine shipments are expensive, I just try not to think about it.

I didn’t realize there was a pickup option. I’m close enough to where I can make alternate plans for delivery of the wine. Order placed!

Went in for three bottle of the Napa Cab. Would have gone for more but already spread thin with all of the other offerings (Carlisle, Bedrock, Quivet, Ribvers-Marie, and upcoming Turley)

Tasted the 2014 Becklyn cab with Brian Tuite tonight.
It’s KILLER!!! If you don’t buy it, you’ll be sorry!!!

Popped a '14 Napa Valley tonight to share with Bud Carey. Slo-ox’d all day and double decanted a few hours before we ate. Fresh purple fruit abounds. Bud put it into perspective when he said “You know, this doesn’t suck” No, it doesn’t. Really approachable for its age but obviously will improve with cellar time. A contrast to the big spice of the '14 Myriad Napa Valley which is packed much tighter.
Edit: Right on Bud!