Becklyn Open

If the glitch was my fault for sending everyone early I apologize! Regardless, order in now!

Looks like we’re good to go!

If anyone wants my allocation, PM me. I’m going to pass on this one.

Thanks Matt! Just out of curiosity, will you consider wishlists for the first wave before you open things up to the waitlist?

How many cases did you guys produce of the Napa and the Moulds in '14

Also, when are you coming to the Dallas area next!


Well, I left more than half my allocation. I only got 2 each of the cabs and no Sauv blanc this year.

So hope some others will be able to get some.

Grabbed my Napa and left the rest.

SQN is coming and need to save a $$.

Don’t overlook their delicious sauvignon blanc, folks! [cheers.gif]

I sampled the Reserve last month.
It’s quite good.
This has become one of the years ‘not to miss’ offers.

What’s pricing this year?


Wish lists will be granted after the waitlist has their chance. We made 150 cases of the Moulds Reserve and 90 cases of the classic Becklyn.

Worked fine for me. I got 2/2/2 but had to leave some on the table.

Thanks Matt! Any plans for a trip to the Dallas area?

Have a Napa Valley in the cellar. Was waiting until release to open it. Maybe this week when I see Bud Carey.

Texas-OU weekend of course!

Excellent idea!!! Just got my order in after tasting at Kosta Browne and Carlisle.

I went in for three NV and one Moulds. I am tempted to go back fro two SB since last year Matt guaranteed I would like it, or my money back.

Come a day or two early to warm up with some locals! [cheers.gif]

I went in for 3 of each of the cabs. I wanted some Sauvignon Blanc as the previous ones I had that Mike made were fantastic. But…I cannot justify $7 shipping on each bottle of $35 suave blanc wine. [cry.gif] Guess I will get my Sauv Blanc wines from the local store…

You could also think that the Moulds reserve is really a $150-200 cab so the shipping is not that big a deal. Remember a Bedrock or Carlisle can afford to subsidize the shipping a little as they are selling at least 10,000 cases a year, Matt is selling around 3-400 total so he cant subsidize and its not enough volume to get a bulk shipper interested.

Would you pay $42 for the SB at a local store ?