Becklyn Open

Can login and place orders on the site, no email yet


Did your order go through? I keep getting error message when I hit the place my order icon that says “billing is required” even though all of my billing information is complete. I emailed them to see what the deal is.

I get the same “billing is required” error.

Matt responded to my email and said that we are getting the error message because the allocations do not open until 9am PST.

Anyone tasted these yet? How do they compare to the 13’s?

Me too

Anybody know if the sauv blanc is barrel aged and fermented or if mike uses stainless steel tanks.

Matt must have overslept… past 9AM PST and still can’t order. :frowning:

Needs to get it in gear !

Same error here.


Im dying over here.

Matt has just emailed the list to say they’re working out a computer glitch, we can relax and the wine is still there.

Folks we are working as quickly as possible. When we ran the test everything was fine. I promise allocations are still there

Wondering if I got in… Fingers crossed!

Hurray. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post and the email - I had assumed by credit cards had all gone bad! (Which would not be that far fetched.)


neener Done !
Anton ; DONE !! neener


DON’T TAKE IT ALL!! [cheers.gif]

edit–done [wink.gif]

It is working…I’m in