BD14 'Unicorn' Raffle - it's back! Over $11,000 in prizes (Musigny!), PLUS Charity so everybody wins!


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! It was so fun last year, such a success, we’re doing it again!

Livestream raffle drawing will be held Jan 27, 2023, at 4:30 pm Pacific Twitch link below, which you can click and watch in a separate tab or watch right here inside the thread.

(if the link doesn’t work, it’s Twitch )

Based on the huge success and popularity of last year’s ‘unicorn’ raffle, I’m excited to run it again, with a ‘unicorn’ bottle Grand Prize, 35 First Prizes, multiple Additional Prizes, and a way for everybody to win…read on…

(UPDATE 1/24/23 - because 300 tickets were sold, I’m buying a SECOND bottle of the '17 Faiveley Musigny Grand Cru, now giving us TWO GRAND PRIZES! And adding a new prize, outlined in THIS POST)

Each year for the past few BerserkerDays, JJ Buckley has contributed gift cards toward the BerserkerDay Auction. These gift cards are bid upon by a combination of new and existing JJ Buckley customers. Since I’ve been racking my brain (and consulting with some other, more intelligent individuals) on how to keep the fever of BerserkerDay going throughout the day, specifically in the time frame between the offer dumping madness and the late-night auctions, I’ve come up with a way to combine both these functions into something far more fun…

A raffle with a livestream broadcast, with over $11,000 in prizes

GRAND PRIZES: On the guidance of few Berserkers, I have purchased a pristine bottle of 2017 Domaine Faiveley Musigny Grand Cru, valued at $3600.00. While MOST of us may not be able to afford this bottle, and some of us (like me) would be afraid to drink such a bottle, who among us wouldn’t LOVE the opportunity to WIN it for $25!!?? Photos/media of the wine below. Express shipping directly from JJ Buckley and insurance are paid by Wine Berserkers as part of the raffle, and if you live in a state where the shipping restrictions prevent you from receiving it, we’ll figure it out, no worries. If I receive 300 tickets sold I will add ANOTHER BOTTLE OF THE SAME WINE, as we did last year - TWO Unicorn bottles, TWO Grand Prizes! CONFIRMED NOW TWO GRAND PRIZES!

FIRST PRIZES: 35 (thirty five) JJ Buckley gift cards valued at $100 each. 20 will be reserved only for NEW JJ Buckley customers (see below how this increases your chances of winning - ADDED 1/21 those who haven’t ordered in 5 years will be considered ‘new’ as well!), the remainder for any raffle entrants. No limit on how many you can win, as it will be a randomized number draw.


  • A gorgeous bison leather Norlin wine bag, details in THIS POST

  • One 750ml bottle of Biggio Hamina Cellars 2007 Ana vineyard Pinot noir, Dundee Hill AVA, Oregon, valued at $100, aged to perfection

  • FOUR 4-packs (16 units each prize) of Repour Wine Saver in four separate prize drawings (with free shipping in the continental US only)

  • One 750ml 2013 Heitz Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

STRETCH GOALS FOR CHARITY AND FUNDRAISING: Once I get to 225 tickets sold, the proceeds will be donated to charity. The charity will be to my wife’s favorite charity - Love146 ( - working to end child trafficking. This way, even if you don’t win one of the amazing prizes in the raffle, you DO win by contributing to two worthy causes, so no raffle ticket goes to waste and everybody wins a ‘consolation prize’. Last year we contributed $1500 to Love through this raffle, but had two charities - this year all proceeds go to Love146. An overview of what the organization does can be found here:

HOW TO ENTER: Each raffle ticket is $25, and you can enter as many times as you want. Each $25 raffle ticket received by me is one spot in the raffle. You can pay via PayPal or Venmo, and IF YOU ARE A NEW CUSTOMER OF JJ BUCKLEY YOU MUST TELL ME IN THE NOTES. Your chances of winning are greater if you are a new customer, as there will be fewer in that group from which I will select, and JJ Buckley will audit all entries to confirm. The ‘new customer’ separate draw pile is only for the gift cards - for the Grand Prize all raffle entries are joined into one group. Send your raffle ticket payments (any quantity, do NOT have to be separate transactions, i.e. if I receive $50 I know to enter you twice, and you will be assigned two raffle ticket spots/numbers, etc.) to either (sorry folks, raffle’s closed! ‘Moose’ out front shoulda told ya!)

ENTRY DEADLINE: All raffle ticket purchases MUST be completed by NOON Pacific on Jan 27, 2023. Any purchases thereafter will be refunded/returned.

BONUS: If invited by the Grand Prize Winner, I will happily fly out to join you and your circle of wine friends for the event, should you allow me to taste this unicorn juice

You do not have to be present on the livestream (which will be streaming on Twitch, so I can be on screen live plus show you the raffle random drawing, to assure honesty and legitimacy!) to win, I will contact you if you are not, but let’s all drink some BerserkerDay wines and make this a party! The livestream will feature a chat function, and I’ll do my best to man it for those who need it, but for the rest of the Berserkers on the livestream, chat about what BerserkerDay wines you are drinking.


In! Very cool raffle.

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I will be doing it, and the best part would be the visit from Todd!

I don’t know what I’d open to go with it, but I’d try.

And done!!!


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In for 4 entries.


And the winners can be the first to write a tasting note in Cellartracker! :sunglasses:


It’s a great cause! In for two raffle tickets and I am not a new JJ Buckley customer. Looking forward to the raffle!

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In again this year! Can’t wait for BersekerDay even if I may have to be better behaved with another little one coming at the end of the month!


In for 2!

In for 2!

I’m new to this and need some clarification here. Do you have to be a customer of JJ Buckley to buy a raffle ticket?

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Birth year for my son, I’m in

The best part of berserkerday is not really knowing what you’re buying!

Buy the tickets for the wine. There’s runner up gifts like the JJ Buckley credit. More of those will be oriented towards new JJ customers.

Just say “I’m in for 2” and your good. :smiley:

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I’m not a JJ Buckley customer. Do I have to become one first?

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When you buy the tickets for the Drouhin Musigny tell Todd you are new to JJ Buckley. A certain number of gift cards as a second prize will be drawn from the pool of folks who have not purchased from JJ Buckley in the past


Thanks to all who replied to my questions, and thanks @ToddFrench and your wife for supporting an important cause.


I’m in!

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In for four tix. I am already a JJ Buckley customer, not eligible for first timer entry. I love the cause however, this is a horrible practice that happens every day and anything to help the victims is worth the cash. Hope lots of folks contribute.


In for a great cause!

It is truly unfathomable that human trafficking still exists at this time