Australian Riesling Producers

Hello All,
Besides Pewsey Vale, who are other great Riesling Producers in Aussie land?

Also, anyone have any contacts at Pewsey Vale?

Thanks in advance.

Pewsey Vale is owned and made by Yalumba wines (S.Smith and Son). They also make Heggies which is very good and are in partnership with Grosset with Mesh, another qualitative choice.

Other great Aussie Rieslings include:

Crawford River
Vickery (Eden Valley and Watervale)
Jim Barry
Pikes (The Merle is a beauty)
Leo Buring
O’Leary Walker
Frankland Estate

Jeremy list is excellent.

I would add Seppelt ‘Drumborg’ from Grampians (Victoria).

I love the Pewsey vale ‘Contours’

I would definitely add to Jeremy’s excellent list Rieslingfreak making great Rizzas from Clare & Eden Valley, also Nick O’Leary from Canberra district.

So many great producers of Riesling out of Australia…

To add to the list…

Seppelt Drumborg Riesling
Peter Lehmann Wigan
Gaelic Cemetary
Some Young Punks Monsters Attack

Lotsa decent stuff out of WA…Tasmania…

There are probably 50 other producers that are up there as well…maybe not to the same extent but really good…

Another I used to love was Delatite, but I’ve not seen it in years. Of the big boys Orlando (now Jacob’s creek) Steingarten may trade deceivingly off the name of the Steingarten vineyard (which is now just a part of the source for the wine), but what’s in the bottle is very good indeed.

Pewsey vale are very good themselves though, and the contours is a bit of a giveaway.

I always liked D’Arenberg’s Dry Dam; especially for the price point.

No love for Mac Forbes? Granted there’s been some variation in recent years due to weather issues (especially the year he was wiped out by flooding and had to source from Tasmania) but even in “off” years his wines are quite good.

Pressing Matters in Tasmania (nb: a friend).

Agreed on the Steingarten, it’s what started me on Aussie Riesling, I’ve still got one bottle of the 03 that I’m trying to hold for a bit longer. I wasn’t aware that they had made a change and were using fruit that wasn’t out of the Steingarten vineyard. Do you know when that change took place Ian?

As for the WA offerings, I can recommend all of the following.
Howard Park
Leeuwin Estate Art Series
Larry Cherubino
Kerrigan + Berry
Forest Hill
Capel Vale
Castle Rock Estate

I forgot Pressing Matters. Terrific wines at different levels of R.S (a friend as well).

Would also add Clonakilla and The Wilson Vineyard.

P.S Andrew - Hold that Steingarten 03 for as long as you can, it needs another 5 years at least.

Agreed. I used to pick these up in summer from one of my locals for ~$16/bottle and then stroll across the street to a Thai restaurant and have it with dinner. Stunning wine. Then I realised I should lay some down but when I went back to the shop they had sold all but one. I hope it makes it to 20 years old, at least that’s my plan.

Hi Andrew
A quick web search picked this up on Sarah Ahmed’s site (I believe I first read it in one of James Halliday’s wine annuals)

Steingarten Riesling, for which the Steingarten vineyard was the sole source until the mid-90s


Opinion: It’s a shame the Aussies do this. Kalimna and Koonunga Hill are two other examples form Penfolds, of trading off a vineyard name that is no longer the source, or even contributes to the wine at all. Whilst such behaviour persists, there will be no credible ‘Cru’ system in Australia, but it is perhaps part of the Aussie psyche that would not lament it’s absence. There is still a strong anti-establishment streak, and if there were an established Cru hierarchy, the Aussie wine enthusiasts would surely be queuing up to cut down the ‘tall poppies’. Of course big brands such as Penfolds are not immune to criticism and much of it has been justified, not least in their aspirational pricing at home.

Henschke : several origins (Julius, Green’s hill).

I agree with pretty much all of what has been said so far.
My personal favorite is Crawford River. I think Knappstein did an excellent job with their “insider” riesling that had a degree of skin contact. Ravensworth in Canberra is another that has stood out recently

Yeah…Pressing matters…and Mac Forbes…

Really, you can throw a stick out there and hit a good Aussie Riesling producer…so many good ones…and they age fantastically well…and cheap as chips…

+1 for Grosset. I like a bone dry style and year in and year out the Polish Hill hits tops for me. Have enjoyed Leo Buring, Henschke and Lethbridge in the past.

Grosset is the famous one on this continent (for certain values of famous). It’s great but hard to come by here these days so I appreciate the other suggestions.

I used to buy mine at the old Columbus Circle Wines. I miss that place.

Thought I would age my 2008 dArenberg Dry Dam Riesling but today picked up the 2011 for $22 Cdn. Should I keep the 08 a while longer?