Aubert just canceled my order!

Aubert just canceled my order after I returned heat damaged wine! [swearing.gif] Anbody have this same problem?

I haven’t had that occur, but the reason I don’t order from Aubert is due to poor treatment on a hideously corked bottle of Chard.

Check this out. They shipped the wine when it was 87 degrees outside in a non-styrofoam shipper. According to UPS it sat in concord for 13 hours?. I called them and they said no problem we’ll replace the wine. It got sent back and then I get an email saying they have no more wine. This sucks! [swearing.gif]

They gave me the same runaround over a corked bottle, wanted to have it shipped to them so they could ‘test’ it for TCA. Thank you, moving on.

I have always had excellent service from them. I made a mistake with my order this year because I misread the offer and when I sent them an email a few days later after the website would not let me change it and they got me the extra bottles. I left out. They have also gotten last minute address changes on shipments and they once found me a mag of chardonnay that I wanted for Mother’s Day and got it to me even thought I missed the order because my mother likes Aubert Chardonnay.

There is so much demand for Aubert that they don’t care about people or long-time supporters of their brand. I have a buddy who has been on their list from the very beginning and bought a full allocation every year. To consolidate his wines, he began having them shipped to a wine shop that he purchased imports from to have everything shipped together at once. When the people at Aubert found out they immediately removed him from the mailing list without a call or notification whatsoever. When he tried to contact them they would not return repeated emails or phone calls. Aubert is one of, if not the, shadiest producer out there when it comes to this kind of stuff. They can get away with this for now, but one has to believe some consumer backlash is in their future.

I have to say that I have been a customer for many years. I think Phillip has been the most responsive and helpful winery representative I have worked with. I have had no such issues with them.

Easy answer for me, cancel your mailing list membership.

There are very few wines in the wine world that either cannot be replaced by another comparable producer or later acquired in the after-market.

Phillip has been great. Like JH I have had great customer service. Very difficult to obtain on secondary market at or near release.

Never had anything but first class service from them. Wine arrive in Miami cold to the touch with Fed Ex , great, however pricey shipping .

The only negative is that they permit (very) undesirables like Ned to purchase.

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It gets worse.

They allow me to buy their wine, too!


I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a wine after the producer did this. Too many other producers out there that want to treat me right.

Sorry you had a bad experience.
I’ve been a customer for many years and had nothing but first class service and treatment.

Not only that , I pee in the empties & have them ship to Andrew as the real stuff !! neener

Overpayed, overripe candy juice. Move on.

You’ve tasted my pee ?

He was checking for diabetes, the old-skool way. “Candy juice” sounds like a positive, I’m sorry to inform you.

To each their own !

It is too bad that you can’t enjoy Top class wines.

The wine is not overripe or candy juice. It might be overpriced. However that is only because so many love the wine.