Order in for 50g of Grand Selection Oscietra. Really looking forward to trying this and the Schrenckii! Happy birthday to me :smile:

Week of February 12th please. Any longer really messes with inventory management.

What would you advise for a first time buyer?

Thanks! Bought 2!

I’d go with a 50g tin of Kaluga!

Speaking of tin sizes, is 50g a reasonable amount to eat on one sitting per person? Or how do you plan your portions?

Ordered one each of Oscietra hybrid, Kaluga and Schrenckii. Seems like a great deal. Got 5 tins for the price of 3.

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Define reasonable…. LOL.

Most people would do 30g for one person but I have friends who can crush 50g easy with a bag of chips. Really depends what you eat it with. For me, chips make caviar go QUICK

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The math works out!

My reasonable is other mans excess. I got those 2 50g tins coming in, and no-one in my household eats caviar but me.

Someone is playing a very small violin right now for me.

Want to thank everyone for their orders! To new customers and the old we appreciate it.

We are a super small team with just 5 of us (and only 3 full time). While we have grown a lot since our first berserkerday we couldn’t have done it without you all!

The sale will run until midnight!

Thanks guys, in for a 50g + bonus. Please delay my shipping until feb 12th. Thanks! Matthew Moore

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In for 2x 30g to sample. Please also delay shipping until Feb 12th, not sure if captured in the notes when ordering

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will do

We are in the final stretch. it’s late, everyone is going to bed.

the next two orders - if they get in before midnight while the codes are still active, will get something special in their packages to celebrate the upcoming lunar new year!

Just ordered

50g Oscietra
30g Schrencki

And freebies + more :slight_smile:

Can you ship my order in two weeks? (Feb 10th or later) Happy New Year!

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Phil at the buzzer with the slam dunk!!!

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Only U.S. shipping or do you ship to Canada as well?

Hi! Placed an order and left a note as well. Would you be able to hold off on shipping my order for 2 weeks? Thanks!

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Sorry we can’t