Left this gift for the UPS driver. He has to come by twice as we shipped out 68 boxes today

We still have a few more to ship tomorrow and then the ones that asked for delayed

Thanks again!

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Opened the tin of Schrenckii last night. My wife said best Caviar she has ever had. I concur. Amazing stuff.

Schrenckii is my favorite. It’s so good. I’m solo on the caviar front in my house. Wife is sick, I’d been cooking all evening. Popped a Charles Heidsieck champagne, opened a 50g Schrenkii and the Oscietra 30g. Spoon it onto a Ruffles Sour Cream n Onion chip. Slammed both tins. Spectacular. @CFu is selling what is, in my opinion, the best and most consistent caviar I’ve had.

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Already ate my 3 tins and now I need more. Regret not doubling my order. This stuff is so good!

How do you guys open the tins if you don’t have a caviar tin opener?

(I haven’t even tried yet but just curious if it’s a pain).

A butter knife works.

cfu let me know if another deal comes up soon, i need more!

We just sent out a chinese new year offer! (Which you’ve already taken advantage of)

Astrea Caviar: Dont miss out! This limited time Lunar New Year Sale ends soon, receive a red envelope with up to $250 in Astrea gift certificates with any caviar purchase. No code req.

Yep – After I messaged you I saw the text, and I added another 100g to cart. I thought maybe you had something to do with it, or maybe the timing was just right.
Thanks again for the killer caviar!

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Screwdriver is better (flathead)

Super Bowl snacks!