That schrenkii is so fff good!

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YUMMMMMMMMM!! The best treat ever.

yum yum! :drooling_face:

After a year off, in for a Schrenckii + !
The spoon and tin opener from BD 13 will be happy to be put to use again.

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Welcome back :smiley:

If anyone has any questions on what to use caviar with. What to drink it with. The process of making caviar. Lemme know!

Perhaps you could put up a quick Caviar 101 post? I still haven’t figured out how long does caviar keep, both opened and unopened?

What do drink it with? Anything, as long as you drink it in excess!

Oh man, water activated tape is absolutely brutal.

For BD14 I did all the fulfillment myself with really lovely custom Bennuaine tape and I’m still traumatized.

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Hello, how long do the tins/caviar keep once received in terms of days, weeks, months, etc? Debating about an order for a party we’re having in early March. Thanks!

Hey Ryan! Roughly 6 weeks. Just note in the order to ship on February 12th and you’ll be fine.

The larger the tin the better it holds!

Quick question, dont have a Pearl spoon, these recommended?

Stainless steel is fine! The whole mother of pearl thing as based on the fact that spoons back in the day were silver. So it’d oxidize.

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In for the Kaluga!
Excited for the umami!

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The only real plan I have is deviled eggs with some blanc de blancs.

I make a lot of pasta and roast birds. Any way to fit it in that?

Great idea!

Shelf life

Unopened : roughly six weeks. The larger the tin the longer. Everything is pressure sealed so really all that’s happening is over time the seal loosens. This is why I do not recommend glass jarred caviar. Those just leak air immediately. We’ve had people find our tins a year later and try them and said they were fine. But we usually recommend six weeks after it leaves us :slight_smile:

Opened: same applies here as above. The smaller the tin the quicker you need to finish it. 24 hrs for 30g tins and up to 3/4 days for 200g! Basically there’s more layers of eggs in the larger tins so there’s more of the tin that doesn’t see oxygen after it’s scooped.

Pairings - our caviar is known for how much umami there is. So really can mix with a lot of different wines. As a burgundy drinker I’ve always geared it toward that flavor profile but basically if you’d drink it with seafood, you’d drink it with our caviar.

Food wise the world is your oyster. Also depends on the species.

The oscietra hybrid is more akin the briny style caviar. It’ll stand up to more aggressive food pairings.

Kaluga is very mild. It’s all about texture with it. So you can pair it with anything as the flavor of the pairing will be dependent on the food. The Kaluga brings length and texture you’d get from fat (in fish oil form)

Schrenckii is an umami bomb. It’s like if uni or toro was in a tin. I love it with noodles and carbs. Great with chips!

Grand oscietra our most pure expression of caviar. Delicate fish oil. Lots of saturation in mouthfeel due to the fish oil. Use with a mild food pairing to allow the caviar to express itself.

Hope I answered everything :slight_smile:

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Sauce dependent for pasta. But with cream sauce the schrenckii is incredible. With a red sauce probably Kaluga due to the mild nature of the egg.

Roast bird- hard for me to opine as I do not eat meat. But typically our restaurant partners use Kaluga to really pull the fat from the bird into a long finish.

Do you do the classic Creme Fraiche with the Schrenckii & Chips, or just skip it?

Is there a latest day I could pick up my order?


You can totally do it. One of my favorite ways to prep it is a black sesame cone. Crème fraiche as the base (with lemon zest and chives folded in). Schrenckii. So good