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BerserkersDay VIII
Cider Sampler, 4 pack, $75 + Free Ground Shipping
1 West Valley Cider (dry, tart) SRP $15
1 Wild Perry (100% pear) SRP $15
1 Little Apples (foraged crab apple blend, tannic yet balanced) SRP $18
1 Symbiosis (50% foraged apples, 50% Gruner Veltliner blend) SRP $28

West Valley Cider 3 pack , $40 + free ground shipping
3 bottles of West Valley Cider (dry & tart) SRP $15 each

Wine Sampler, 3 pack, $75 + free ground shipping
1 2014 Stella Maris Syrah SRP $26
1 2015 Armstrong Pinot Noir SRP $36
1 2015 Pinot Noir PetNat SRP $24

To order email me at

What size are the ciders?

David, they are 750ml… thanks for asking!
cider pic.jpg

The bottles alone are worth that! Beautiful work Dan. Have a happy BerserkersDay! [welldone.gif]


I love dry ciders. Looking forward to trying the West Valley!

Thanks Don! We need to get together for a drink some time, it’s been way too long.

Thanks Abbie we will be ready!

In for a cider sampler.

Me too, one sampler

I gotta try these and already was loving the placeholder photo so I’m in for a sampler! I will email ya Dan. Cheers!
ps: can you post some info on the wines or is there a site to check out? would love to learn more.

can’t wait to try them…

Great Monte! I’ll mark you down for one sampler champagne.gif

Marking you down for a sampler David. Cheers!

Email sent. In for a sampler as well! [thumbs-up.gif]

Nikki, check out our website @ We have a tab with the current ciders available as well as a tab for our wines. Let me know if you have any questions! I’ll mark you down for one sampler. [highfive.gif]

Awesome Clifton. Got ya marked down. [dance-clap.gif]

I cannot wait to try a sampler pack. Thanks.

Cheers! Thanks for all the support

In for a cider sampler. e-mail sent

Thanks Dan

Thanks Tony! champagne.gif