Around the world in 90 days

Day 2 in Sydney. We are really enjoying the city.
There are attractive old shopping arcades.

We have seen our first kookaburra.

This is the Calyx in the Botanical gardens.

Mrs Macquarie’s chair.

And a waterside walk along at Barangaroo.

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This is a channel billed cuckoo, absolutely massive, 2 ft long, making loads of noise, being fed by 2 australasian magpies that it dwarfed

Sulphur crested cockatoo


Loving this thread also!! The Taronga zoo is fantastic - i remember walking among wallabys and a kookaburra that joined me for part of my lunch at an outdoor table. The zoo sounds right up your.alley!

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We went back out on the ferries today, across to Watson’s Bay.

From there you can walk across to the Pacific outside the harbour area.

We did a long, not overly exciting walk, but got down to Bondi.

And it’s beach.

Then had a refreshing swim in the Bondi Icebergs saltwater pool.


Looking around a Sydney bottle shop at a plethora of young shiraz I asked if they had anything with some bottle age.
They pointed me to this, made by Thompson Wines of Coonawara in 2012. A lovely medium bodied Cabernet, with light tannins and a good degree of elegance. Some dark fruit and eucalyptus notes. It could age further, but right now is in a very good place. ***1/2 and it could hold its own against most other wines at Aus $30, or £15.

Update, after 4 hours or so, and warming up, a slightly raisened note emerged, so whilst good today, i would drink up.

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So, we left hot and sunny Sydney and came to Melbourne. Here the temperature had dropped from 37°c to 17°c on the day we arrived. What kind of mistake have we made?
Anyway today it is a bit warmer and sunnier. We walked to the seaside.

Far too rough to consider swimming.

But the Yarra River area is lovely.
We watched a match at the Australian Open.

And we had a Parmo for dinner.

All these are on the Must do list.

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Magpie lark


A long billed corella digging up someone’s lawn

Crested pigeons

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How hard was it to get tickets for the Australian open.

All depends on timing, if you take pot luck as we did you can pay AUS$19, about £10 for a post 5pm ticket. Wander in and see which matches are going on. We watched an entire men’s doubles match on court 7.

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The food culture in Melbourne is very interesting. As well as the Parmo we had an excellent Indonesian meal with deeply flavoured beef rendang. A shop here claims to sell the world’s best croissants.
We just went to Bakemono however.

Their almond and uzu croissant was amongst the finest I have ever eaten.

Beats most French ones by a mile.

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Last full day in Melbourne today, photos of Victoria State Library

The city from the Yarra River
The ANZAC memorial/Shrine of Remembrance

Both Oz and NZ seem deeply affected by losses in the 2 world wars.

These are floating plants in the botanic gardens, used to take nutrients from water.

And distant views of the city. We have had a great time, but probably prefer Sydney slightly.

Saw a great T-shirt slogan.

Meh, that’ll do.


From Melbourne we have rented a car and are heading down the Great Coast Road for two days.
Bell’s Beach is a famous surfing location.

This sign confirms we are going the right way.

The scenery is good, but doesn’t top the Kiakoura area of NZ.

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We have gone about as far as we can go.

For those who watched Skippy the Bush Kangaroo in the 1970s I apologise.

We hit the Margaret River in a couple of days, so I am getting some practice in.

Rather warm and peppery, a decent shiraz, but nothing wonderful. ***.

A red wattlebird.

A pied currawong

And a Nankeen kestrel

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Beautiful drive! I did it a decade ago. Almost took the helicopter ride that goes out and circles whatever the famous cliffs are at the south end. But it was blowing like 30mph, so I decided against lol.


Completed the Great Ocean Road today. Starting at Cape Ottaway.

Extensive natural forests in that area.
We saw wallabies.

Superb Fairywren.

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Then moved on to the cliffs Alan mentioned.
The 12 apostles, they can’t count.

London Bridge

Warning of snakes

But we only saw lizards.

And Singing Honeyeater


We flew into Perth yesterday, and are staying in Fremantle, AKA Fremo.
Somehow we always end up in harbour side breweries.

This one is as enjoyable as any.

Fremo is a fairly relaxed seaside place.

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