Are there wines that are universally loved?

While realizing that some wines may be corked or cooked, and you will never get 100% agreement on anything in life…

What wines have you run across that have been universally loved/enjoyed every time they’ve been served?


Beringer Private Reserve Cab - I’ve never heard a negative word about one at a dinner or tasting.

I am in this camp.

Cabernet Sauvignon in general.

At the last cab dinner I was at we shared some with a few visiting Swedish tourists at the next table. They loved all they can get. I think the man was comparing to Bordeaux all along though, but he was thrilled non-the-less.

Remember that Mark?

And Bruce, if it’s a name you seek, it’s Mondavi Anything.

I remember bits and pieces. pileon

The answer has to be Dom Perignon. Enjoyed by all serious wine lovers–whether they prefer Burg, Bdx, Cali, Rhone, etc–but also known and loved by the general public. Krug and Salon too, but not as well known among the masses. You almost never hear a negative word about any of these.

For how long of a time?

It’s like Project Runway, one day you are in, and the next day you are out, Auf Wiedersehn.

I would agree with this save one comment…the only negative would be price and general availability. The corner grocery store has DP.

Jeff, I agree, I had the 2007 Auf Wiedersehn Auslese just last week and LOVED it. newhere

Well, 2007 is a universally loved vintage in Germany.

Never been a fan of Dom Perignon, Krug on the other hand…

Salon is too variable for me.

probably more of a label thing than the wine itself… no?

Label thing for non-wine-lovers. But Dom Perignon is a rightfully regarded serious wine too. I don’t know many wine geeks who wouldn’t swoon over a 96/95/85 Dom.

Don’t think there is one that is universally liked for all vintages.

Definitely not Cal Cabs

DP is close and if they still declared vintages as strictly as they did in the 70’s and prior and didn’t release vintages like '93, then I think it would fit the bill even more so.

I’ve been to tastings/dinners where Navarro Dry Gewurztraminer is poured several times, and never have I seen nor heard somebody who did not enjoy it, even with a wide variety of preferences in wine present.

Just looking at the various boards, Sine Qua Non seems to fit the description. They sell everything and have a long waiting list. I sometimes wonder if exclusivity has something to do with it.

Dujac. Clos de la Roche in particular.

Straddles the line so that modernist/traditionalists all like it. Even in lesser vintages, the signature Dujac character makes a tasty young wine. In better vintages, ages off into a true expression of its place. Even non-wine geeks find it lip-smacking good.


Not so much. I don’t like it all. Traded what I had.


You obviously, have never opened one around here. I have never had a Beringer that I liked at all. It is definately not my kind of wine.