Are there wines that are universally loved?


I think you’ll find a good number of DP critics among the “serious” set. Mainly they critique the secrecy which production is cloaked under. My 2¢.

I don’t like it either.

Universally? A ton of people like Orin Swift, The Prisoner.

Universally but on a smaller-scale: Krug.

Dom P is a good choice.

Yquem seems to be a hit to anyone who tries it though I know not a lot of non-wine geeks get to.

Dujac I am not sold on either. Definitely not SQN either.

How about Giacosa? Are there people who really don’t like Roumier? Lafite?

just because 1 billion people like Lafite doesn’t mean it’s universally accepted.

Hard to say universally when so few have tried or had more than one taste of any of these wines you have listed.

I think that Cal Cabs are the wrong choice here. SQN is a better entry for “most divisive” than for “universally loved”

I’d suggest, for universally loved, Yquem and DP are good nominations. Nothing will ever be loved by everyone but those have better chances than others.

People suggesting Lafite and Giacosa and Roumier / Dujac … I doubt the great masses who aren’t into tannin / structure / terroir would be really pleased. I can serve my mom Yquem or DP and she’ll love it. I can serve her Roumier Musigny or Lafite and she’ll go “GACK! Can I put Splenda in it?”

Josh, I would suggest, with all due respect to your mother, that you not serve those things to her then.

I disagree. A lot fewer people have tasted SQN than Lafite I assure you. Same with Beringer PR.

that means they aren’t universally loved!

The Dönnhoff QBA.

If I could purchase it at cellar door prices, then I might drink it instead of water.

Thankfully Theise & Skurnik & Friends triple the price before it hits our shelves - otherwise I might become an alcoholic.

Within generic categories: Prosecco. Moscato d’Asti. Maybe Muscadet-Sèvre et Maine sur lie.

Wish I could say “Chablis”, but it’s so expensive now that it’s not really a table wine anymore and is getting solidly into “luxury good” territory.

Well its all persepctive and semantics but I know lots of wine geeks who haven’t tried Lafite OR SQN. Or have only had a taste of one or the other. They might be universally loved but until you get them in front of more than the people that can afford them or even know about them they have only hit a narrow range of people.

Ah, semantics…

Obviously, there is no such thing as a completely 100% universally-loved wine, because one person always has a contrary palate. And yes, not everyone gets to taste every wine, especially expensive ones…Some people can’t stand ANY dry red wines, so of course they won’t like Lafite…

What I’m getting at are those wines that are relatively “sure-fire hits”–wines you can pour and the vast majority of people who taste them will enjoy them immensely.


KJ Chardonnay
Beringer White Zinfandel

Philistine! [tease.gif]

Pico Madama?


The wine that is universally loved everytime served is 2001 Yquem. It has a sweetness factor that I think every non wine geek will enjoy and you know anyone with a palate for good wine goes crazy. It’s just an amazing wine that impresses the masses…

I was going to say the same thing, but Mr. Gaston beat me to the punch.

I realize I am but one data point in the matrix, but I don’t believe I’m the only one: Sauternes doesn’t thrill me. I like wines with edges, and rarely find any in Sauternes, even in botrytis years. I’ve had some better than others, to be sure, but none I’ve loved.