Arcadian Classics

1st Offer

Watching them mature A four pack of Francesca Pinot Noir and Hommage a Max Syrah.

For those of you new to Arcadian, Francesca and Max are my two incredible children. Their wines are not only a reflection of them but also the best of the best in the cellar, these are my tete de Cuvee if you will. Less than 100 cases are produced a year and much of that is set aside for charity auctions that they choose. This is the heart of Arcadian.

One bottle of 2002 and 2008 Francesca Pinot Noir and one bottle each of 2004, 2008 Hommage A Max Syrah

$154 plus shipping and handling normally this would be $342 a savings of 55%

You may contact us directly at our office. Joelle Jacobs will process the orders or Tel. 805 737 3900

Order in!

Mature Arcadian is the only way to have it - never ‘babykill’ an Arcadian wine!

Order in.
Thanks for these offers Joe!

In - email sent! Looking forward to these.

'bout time this one came up! Order in. This is a smoking good deal.

Order in, been meaning to purchase some more since our visit in December of 2015, really excited to try these out.

Boom. In. Super excited to try these with some age.


Does offer #1 mean there will be an offer #2?!

Yes Alex offer number 2 is the Clos Pepe Chardonnay deal going on right now

Wow This has just really blown up thank you everyone for taking a look at Arcadian

Email sent to Joelle. Thanks Joe.

E-mail sent. These will be my first taste of Arcadian.

Ordered! Can’t wait

e-mail sent!

In for offer 1 of the reds.

I emailed Joelle for a pack of these! Excited to try my first Arcadian!!

I had the 2004 Hommage Syrah over this past summer. Damn, that wine was drinking well and it wasn’t fading at all. Nice job, Joe.

Insanity prevails on both our parts.

Order in! Excited to try my first Arcadian…