Anyone had 2006 Jadot Vosne Romanee?

My local store has it on sale for $24 and I was thinking about giving it a shot. The only thing I know about Burgundy is that it was named after Will Farrel’s character, in Anchorman. Let that guide you. [tease.gif]


I’ve only had a very small taste, but I thought it was a really nice wine. And the Cellartracker notes are very positive. I’d pick up a couple bottles and try them out–$24 is a great deal.

In the Fine Wine Review, Claude Kolm gave it an estimated 90-93 based on a preliminary assemblage, and said to watch out for it.

Where, may I ask, is this bargain? The lowest price on Wine Searcher is $47. The village Chambolle was on sale for $40 at Franco’s in Connecticut last month, and I thought that was a good price!

I too would be curious to know where this bargain exists! Haven’t had the wine but should be a pretty good bet and that is an excellent price.

Back up the truck and share! flirtysmile

why not give it a try at $24?

It’s a no-brainer. We all want in! flirtysmile flirtysmile

Unless it’s 375s. blush

KL had these a couple of months ago for $22.99, I picked up a few but haven’t opened one yet.

Off vintage Burgs like 2006 are going to start seeing some interesting deep deals to help move out inventory. Smart people (like those on this board flirtysmile ) loaded up on 05s and balked at the overall lower quality 06s that were going for at least as much if not more than the 05s. Backlogged Burgs will see very aggressive pricing.

RETAILER STATEMENT: We just got several Jadot wines on closeout, but we don’t ship out of Virginia. I just did an email for our weekly Thursday tasting and I though this was about us ($26.99 with 10% discount by the bottle during tasting; where do you live Chris?) Depending on where you are in VA, there are quite a few decent Jadot wines being pushed along at very reasonable prices.

I am always very hesitant to print prices of wines we carry in this forum, so if any of this is out of line let me know. Happy to receive PMs from anyone in VA looking for more info.

A no brainer

And you didn’t post this deal here WHY??

When I ordered they showed an inventory of 12, so obviously somebody bought it up before me and didn’t post about it either. [truce.gif]

My bad.

Dont think. Just do it.

Dan? Maybe you can get some? flirtysmile

Todd can correct me, but I think Commerce Corner is the place for that.

oh yeah…

Matthew, it definitely was your place. Wine Warehouse in Charlottesville, Va. If you’re within driving distance, go get it. $26.99 + 10% off (today).

I’m not looking to use this place as a venue to set out my shingle and move product. Anything but. Only reason I brought it up was because I wasn’t sure if it was mine or not. Happy to just post tasting notes sans $$ and snarky remarks.

BTW: Chris and I talked jsut after he started this thread and were able to put faces to names. The Berserker community has a strong foothold now in Central Virginia. Well, two at least…

I don’t think Steve was scolding you, rather, perhaps inviting you to post there so others here will know of the availability at your store and perhaps pick some up!