Antica Terra Winter 24 Offering


Few early comments suggest 2022 is lining up to be a good vintage for both PN and Chardonnay.

Anyone have some thoughts?


Prices increased but they’re offer the 22’s at last years price of $150/bottle

Huh, guess I lost my allocation then as I did not receive the offer. Probably for the best, though I am interested in the vintage.

I also didn’t get an email, so perhaps I too got dropped. I’ve bought from the last couple of offerings, although admittedly not a ton. Would be a bit of a disappointment.

Update: never mind. I also got a save-the-date email.

No email here…purchased Chardonnay last year? Maybe the next phase.

Update–email just dropped for me. Available next week only for the Botanica. Guess I am not on the “Reserve” listing, as they claimed all the Ceras and Aurata.

Email says everything is already taken by Reserve members except for Botanica which will be 1st come/served. $25 increase from last year
Aurata - $175
Ceres - $175
Botanica - $175

Having not tasted their wines, and normally shying away from Oregon PN’s that arbitrarily price their wines in the $150+ stratosphere (since it seems to me to be a marketing strategy), I am curious…what are these Pinot Noirs like? Does what’s in the bottle actually justify their pricing when compared to the many exceptional OR PN’s in the $70-100 range?

There’s a nice review of the '21 Botanica here: Cameron and Antica Terra — great night

They’re great wines, but if value is a primary consideration, then I’d grab two bottles of any of Goodfellow’s heritage bottlings. Those are stunning wines that overdeliver on value. Or Violin, or Walter Scott, or Vincent…you can see where this is going.

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You mention wines that I have in my cellar, except Vincent which I have not tried yet!

Yes, pricing is an interesting issue. Most of my cellar is Red Burgundy, and I bought what I wanted over the years without putting too much energy into thinking about whether Rousseau Chambertin or Mugnier Musigny was worth 5 times a Chevillon LSG (that was before they cost 20 times a Chevillon LSG!). Though I did draw the line at DRC and Leroy prices.

I have a lot of OR PN in my cellar, and buy much more of that now and stopped buying Burgundy at this point. For some reason, when the $100 (though maybe now the $150) price barrier is breached in domestic Pinot Noir, it gives me pause. Perhaps because it does seem more like a marketing strategy rather than a result, as with many higher priced Burgs, of a three tier system, market speculation, etc. while pricing at the domaines, should one be “on their lists”, is not as absurd.

It sounds like I should try the AT wines.

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These are not very Burgundian, they’re rather full throttle PN’s. Winemaker came from SQN, so that will give a hint of the style. Think old Kosta Browne etc.

They’re wonderful wines in that category, maybe even the best, but just wanted to clarify since you asked about style. Not sure they’re very representative of Oregon, but I could be wrong as I’ve only drank from a handful producers there.

I think that’s true for older vintages, but for the recent ones, I feel the style has been dialed back considerably. I didn’t find the 2018s and 2019s to be too distant stylistically from other top Oregon producers.


Good to know! It was awhile ago since I had one, admittedly.

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Saw the offer this AM on the Botanica and thought I would give it a try…in October, I guess.