another glassware question - grenache

Yet another glassware question for the wisdom of the group. Are there clear stand-out stem selections for the following grenache dominant wines:

  1. CdP
  2. Gigondas
  3. American southern-rhone style blends, mostly GSM
    4.American varietal grenache

For what I’ve got, below, all Riedel vinum, of these is there a clear favorite for the above wines? If not listed, what glasses would you strongly endorse?
Cab sauv
Pinot noir

Mucho gracias

I’d use a PN glass. Grassl Cru is particularly good for these types of wines.

Grassl 1855 or Grassl Cru.

I’ve had grenache out of all of those glasses and it was terrible every single time. Clearly the glasses’ fault.


I’ll make it real easy for you. Gabriel Glass Gold. For these wines, and literally any wine.

Done and done :slight_smile:

I concur with Grassl Cru. I also like the Riedel Sommelier Syrah – so I assume the Vinum would be similar The Riedel concentrates the flavors (which was good with a 2011 Kerloo (WA state) grenache tonight). The Cru made it a bit more open – so good for more flowery, almost pinot-type grenaches. The Kerloo was good out of the Grassl Cru – I just preferred the Riedel on this one at that age.

Any glass fine for Pinot noir is also fine for Grenache - Riedel Vinum is excellent and not too expensive

Heck, I use a Schott Zwiesel Sauv Blanc glass for all of my wines, and my Grenaches jump out of the glass nicely.

In general, I don’t think you’d go wrong with any glass that you would use Pinot for - we all know that when Pinot has Grenache Envy [snort.gif] flirtysmile [stirthepothal.gif]


Thanks all. I’m surprised by the pinot glass recommendations but I’ll give it a try. Maybe not so surprised by the suggestion of american varietal grenache in a PN glass as the moderately extracted ones often have very lifted and elegant aromatics. I’m really curious now to see how a great CdP with all its spicy fruit and earthiness shows in a pinot glass. Should be interesting. I’ll pick up a few Grassl to try too. Peace.


I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in a PN glass for a classic CdP whatsoever - they really do work well . . .


This is one variety that I find the Zalto Universal is perfectly suited for, and I use it for all my southern Rhône wines (which means mostly Reynaud stable wines). Larger, more bowl-shaped glasses bring out the alcohol, at the expensive of everything else, whereas the Universal brings everything into focus. I would imagine the Grassl glass would work similarly.

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You’re saying there is such a thing as classic CdP today? neener

I have used Zalto bdx which seems to work well.

Steve, If you try the 1855 first you’ll undoubtedly be very happy, I know I was, but the Cru really shows the Grenache at from its most generous side.
Also VDLT has good deals on these glasses as well as some good recs for wine styles with the glasses.

Bois de Boursan, Clos des Brusquieres …

I use the Riedel Fatto A Mano Old World Syrah for Syrah and CdP. I don’t drink much Grenache but the Riedel website includes Grenache as one of the varietal grapes for the glass. They are a bit expense when not found on sale $100 and still expensive when on sale $69 (Amazon) but a little more palatable.

However, after reading this thread and reading a recent Burgundy Glass thread and the List of Hand-blown Glasses on Wineberserkers, the Conterno Sensory Glasses have caught my eye and I just purchased 2 from the Rare Wine Co. For $75/glass and $25 of each glass is donated to a local charity. The email I was sent stated “I donated the proceeds of your order to Fuel the Fight Philadelphia based on your location” and I had an option to change the charity if I wanted to. These glasses are due to arrive in June. I read that they work well with Rhone style wines so I’m eager to try this glass with many different styles including my Rhone varietals.


But St. Theodoric is close!

I’ve done side by sides with my wines (all 100% Grenache) in Bordeaux, Syrah, and Pinot Noir glasses, and the Pinot Noir glass is always the winner.

I tend to consider any brand of spit bucket suitable for Grenache, and try to avoid potential contamination from myself on its way to said receptacle [wink.gif]

Joking aside, probably something that doesn’t accentuate the perception of alcohol and avoids over-emphasising the jammier aspect of the fruit. I know this sounds negative. I’m trying to be as helpful as I can :astonished: