another glassware question - grenache

Reviving this because I want to thank the WBs who replied previously.

Opened my last 2009 Vieux Donjon CdP last night to have with grilled beef filet (my favorite CdP food match) and was really struck by the difference in a Riedel vinum syrah glass (my old standard for CdP) and a Grasssl Cru. The former really placed a ton of ripe fruit up front and had what I’ve come to expect from that wine. Still a terrific wine in the Riedel. In the Grassl the heavy fruit was de-emphasized and spicy aromatics (like Christmas spices, herbes de garrigue) were much more prominent. Just seemed more elegant showing lighter granache fruit and lifted aromatics in the Grassl. A remarkable and not at all subtle difference. Grassl cru will now be my standard for CdP. Cheers.

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I like warm climate/bigger Grenaches (e.g., Saxum, Torrin, SQN, Alban) out of Grassl 1855, but I think lighter/cool climate ones would be nice out of the Grassl Cru.

I have to give the 1855s a try sometime. Really interested in seeing first hand what they do for 15-20 year old Bdx. [cheers.gif]