Annual Champagne-infused trip to Maui; another one in the books

For about a decade, we visit Maui annually, staying with friends at their timeshare. We’re all wine lovers, so it’s become my custom to bring a wine suitcase. (Each blue highlighted word links a different thread, for anyone with too much time on their hands). There are other threads discussing the substantiality of travel shock. I personally have found many bottles seem to show well despite the commute, while others have perhaps been muted. Is that due to travel shock? Is it the normal variability we see sometimes note from bottle to bottle? Is it related to our mood or rhythm of our senses? I just don’t know. Still, we’ve had so much joy opening these bottles on previous vacations that I intend to keep doing so.

Here’s a photograph of my wine suitcase, and another of the wines unpacked. I packed a magnum in my suitcase in a specialized wine bubble wrap..


Last night, we opened the first bottle a mere five hours after we landed. If it were shocked, I didn’t notice.

  • 2008 Deutz Champagne Rosé Brut Millésimé Amour de Deutz (3/3/2023)
    I have consistently loved this wine. Every bottle of it has been stunning. Salmon colored. Dry but fruity, highly aromatic. Creamy cherries and strawberries, red grapefruit, cinnamon and roses, minerals and a long finish.

I went online and ordered more.


Also a big fan of 08 Amour Rose.

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Warren, where do you stay on Maui? We recently stayed in Napili and last year in Lahaina. I love the scenery out on the coast past Kapalua.

Our friends’ timeshare is at the Marriott Ocean Resort in Kaanapali.


I smile with gratitude every time someone uses the subjunctive tense.


Who knew Warren paid monthly week long visits to HI? Last time sticking bottles in tube socks was good enough, now it’s full wine luggage. Next month a specialty outfitted C-130.


Post the link for the C-130 :grin:

Wonderful property. Chug some bubbly while going down the water slide! :joy:. Have a great time!

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I smile every time someone said that because I have no idea what they’re talking about.


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Appreciate this. I’m a huge Deutz fan and have been for years. Been stocking up on the amour rose and just bought another 6 pack of the 08 this week. My only issue with the amour is the stupid clear bottle which makes it very susceptible to light strike.


Unfortunately, in this case, though, it wasn’t used correctly. Subjunctive is for when the statement is contrary to fact, like “if I were you,” when obviously I am not you. In this case, Warren was allowing for the possibility it was impacted, but saying that, in the case that it was, he had no perception that it was. Like if you said “if the key was on the table, I didn’t see it.” So it should have been the conditional “was.”

In any case (pun intended), I am glad the wine was good.


Just called the eye Dr for an appt. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But seriously, looks like another amazing lineup. Sounds like the atmosphere of friends and natural beauty of the surroundings would make it hard to nit pick on any of these. Life is good, have a great week and look forward to the notes.

The usual suspects I see, judging from the thread on your previous Hawaii trip. Cheers! :clinking_glasses::champagne:


The repeats weren’t accidental. I looked over my tasting notes from the earlier trips and picked mostly wines that had showed well. I avoided bringing those I typically love but had previously seemed muted (Krug MV, Krug MV Rosê, Egly Ouriet Rosé, LP Grand Siécle).



Sarah, that’s funny, because as I typed it on the beach, I thought “Should that be ‘was’? Feck it”. (I watched The Banshees of Inisherin on the plane.)

Are you back in Paris?


Half the editors these days can’t figure out conditional versus subjunctive, so don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

I leave for Paris Wednesday night!

Grammar nerds, as it were.


Last night, paired with a euchre game, we polished off two fun Grandes Marques house bottles.

  • 2002 Piper-Heidsieck Champagne Cuvée Rare (3/4/2023)
    The highly autolytic 2002 Rare is still going strong, riding a wave of brioche and orange cream. Maybe not the most polished champagne, but I've always enjoyed these.
  • Dinner was still an hour away, and we needed a grudge match euchre game, so I opened:

  • 2007 Taittinger Champagne Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut (3/4/2023)
    2007 is turning out to be a very nice Comtes. More tranquil than its boisterous older sibling from '06, this has great charm and class. Lemon, white flowers, light vanilla, apricots, flinty minerality. I really like this vintage.
  • We had what was sadly our last dinner ever at Frida’s Beach House. Their chef and owner died unexpectedly, and it will be closing permanently at the end of the month. The meal was fantastic. RIP.

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    subjunctive expresses hypotheticals, how to express wishes and hopes, I think it was used correctly. Conditional mood can use subjunctive, I believe. It’s conditional in that b is possible only because of a, but a is subjunctive. It’s both!

    From A conditional mood is the form of a verbwhich is used to make requests or expression of under what condition something would happen. It uses helping or auxiliary verbs such as, might, would, should and could. Sometimes it is connected to a clause which is in the subjunctive mood.

    I’m probably all wrong but willing to learn.

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