Annual Champagne-infused trip to Maui; another one in the books

Paired with euchre last night:

  • 2002 Billecart-Salmon Champagne Cuvée Nicolas-François Billecart (3/5/2023)
    For years, I’ve loved every bottle of ‘02 Cuvée Nicolas. This bottle was enjoyable but muted, and it didn’t move me like previous ones. It likely wasn’t travel shock; like a dumb ass, I brushed my teeth a little while before I opened the bottle.
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    Warren I am rather jealous right now, and also looking forward to your note on the 2004 Pierre Peters, of which I have but a single precious bottle left. Thank you for the opportunity to live vicariously through your posts


    This is awful news about Mark. I hadn’t heard. We always loved his restaurants when we had the chance to go. I’m glad you at least got to have one final dinner there.

    Wow are honu and the other restaurant closing too? Article sounds like they might have diff ownership.

    Huh! A resource on grammar incorrectly using the nonrestrictive “which” instead of the restrictive “that” called for by he rest of the sentence.

    Bases on that inexcusable error, I side with Sarah!

    i could only fit 5 bottles on each side of my Vingarde Valise too.

    I can fit more, but the weight gets too high.

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    Yay, one of my favorite threads each year. Your lineup looks like an all star cast of my favorite champagnes of the last 5 years or so. Wonderful overlap in tastes, I think. Bummer about the toothpaste!

    I believe he sold Hanu and Mala Ocean Tavern a few years ago.

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    Mine is a 2006 PP Chetillons

    Did the same thing just last week. Completely ruined the first couple of flights!

    Selfishly, I hope your next Champagne in Hawaii thread (next month?) includes big island and/or Kauai.
    :wink: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

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    I’m sure the answer varies pretty widely, but is there a rule of thumb about how much time should pass between brushing your teeth and drinking wine?

    Is there anything you can do to shorten the time period? Anything you can swish, eat, drink, etc.?

    I had this alongside 2007 Salon and it was a true pleasure. Seemed to show all of its glory even at 38,000 feet, which seems to have a more serious effect on the Salon. God Bless JAL!

    I tried eating bread and some cheese goujons. Also had a few food courses. Wasn’t until a fairly rich meat course arrived that my palate really came back though.

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    We were serving that Billecart Nicolas on its own before dinner. I’ve had enough bottles of the ‘02 to know my palate never adjusted or recovered from the toothpaste trauma.

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    Yesterday, we bought this bottle from the grocery store thinking we may run short on my stock. We drank it on its own.

  • NV Charles Heidsieck Champagne Brut Réserve - (3/6/2023)
    This has been a favorite grandes marques NV wine in this reasonable price range. I believe this bottle was based on the 2016 vintage, into the cave in 2017, disgorged after four years. Up to 50% reserve wines, going back up to 20 years, which give it great depth for the price.
    Creamy mouthfeel but good acidic cut. Nice wine, although a magnum last month seemed far better.

  • Off the wine list at Sale Pepe, a nice Carricante.

  • 2020 Tenuta delle Terre Nere Etna Bianco Cuvée delle Vigne Niche Calderara Sottana - Italy, Sicily, Etna DOC (3/6/2023)
    Concentrated and floral, with mostly white orchard fruit, some citrus. Paired well with branzino.
  • Tonight, we’ll be back to the wines I packed.

    Lovely lineup. I’ve really enoyed the 07 Taittinger Comtes over the last year. It’s in a great spot.

    Is that the 2012 Vilmart Emotion? I finally had my first one a couple weeks ago and it wowed. So open and giving. I chased it down on your recommendation a while back. So happy to have more and the 2013’s I got for a steal.

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    The only reason I bought the ‘07 Taittinger Comtes was it was a package deal with the 2008. Now, I’m happy I bought several 2007’s. It’s turned out to be a great wine.

    I’m glad you liked the Emotion Rosé. It’s my favorite wine from Vilmart. When someone mentions they don’t like Vilmart’s wines, I suggest they shouldn’t say that until they’ve tried the Cuvée Emotion.