Looking for suggestions in Amsterdam. Traveling in 2 weeks. Great food - doesn’t need to be fancy. Preferably in or close to city center. Thx.

Restaurant Bougainville (Dam 27, In Hotel TwentySeven, 1012 JS Amsterdam North Holland, Netherlands)

BAK. About a 25 min walk from city center. But great

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De Zoldering , this is what you are looking for ( excellent wine list , bistrot like , 1 star )

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Distances are very short within Amsterdam, 10-15 minutes by bike to most places within the city, so there are a lot of options.

Btw, in my opinion many tourist makes the mistake of mainly keeping to the center center of Amsterdam… head out to Jordaan, de Pijp and other areas as well.

Anywho, some places you could consider :


101 Gowrie

If you have an Indian craving - Shivas usually a reliable option and there are quite a few good Chinese restaurants around but a for me a recent discovery is Chinese hot pot, and Yuan’s hot pot (went to the one in the south but I’m sure the new in de pijp is as good) is great. I only drink beer in the latter two.


Has anyone checked in on Cafe de Klepel lately? Headed to AMS in a week and a half, and this was one of my old haunts. I know one of the owners/wine guys opened his own place, but w/o Blake on the ground reporting…

Haven’t been there but if we are thinking about the same guy then he started up a new place (I think with a few others) called Zoldering. Believe within a year or two it received its first star.

Would be surprised if the wine list is not as good or possibly better for it.

This is the homepage:

We had a wonderful dinner there in May

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