ALINE BALY - Necessary components of an ageable Barsac / Sauternes gold wine

Ms. Baly,

What do you feel are the necessary components of a golden wine that can “age well”? Obviously, there are “ideal” components of an “ageable” golden wine, but I’m curiuos as to what you believe the absolutely necessary components are – as in, without these components, a golden wine has no shot of aging well.

If you’ve got acidity, residual sugar and alcohol – your wine will age.

Now to age well you need to have balance between these three components.

Cool. I was curious if “acid(ity)” was going to be part of your answer. I asked the question because I often hear that low-acid gold wines do not age well, but have always wondered if perhaps they would/could age well on the basis of fruit concentration and residual sugar. (I often hear such remarks in regards to the 2003 vintage, which I personally love). [cheers.gif]

And we’ve got a thread that addresses just that: the 2003! Which I need to respond to…