A desert island and ONE producer!


Michael Broadbent famously didn’t just name a producer as his desert island wine; but a single wine, the 1862 Borges Terrantez Madeira. I’ve been fortunate to try it, it’s just fabulous. Rich, unbelievably complex, and with high acidity to keep it refreshing in a warm climate. If I had enough of it, I wouldn’t mind being stranded anywhere!

Salon is ALL I need!

i have to go with bedrock as well. just because of the quality and the diversity of Morgan’s wines. As a bonus, even though I am on a deserted island, I could probably get ahold of Morgan through a coconut phone and he would sent me a replacement bottle if one was corked. Now, that is great customer service–thanks Morgan.

Whatever producer Elle Macpherson selects works for me as she would be stranded too

I contemplated going with a Burgundy or a Bdx but opted for more diversity; I’d go with Ridge or Saxum.


Dom Perignon - tropical islands are too hot for red wine.

I’d be happy with either Myriad or Bevan Cellars.

Haut Brion.

I like the Navarro choice… under appreciated producer with a large variety. Ridge is also solid.

Either them, or Rochioli, since they’re about to start releasing a Syrah, and they do good Sauvignon blanc and a lighter red, Valdiguie.

Falling into the Bedrock camp for the sheer variety and consistent quality. The Ridge and Navarro route would also suffice.



If you are thinking in terms of being completely self sufficient, like Survivorman, so that if you invite over Mr & Mrs Howell and Ginger and Mary Ann, and you want to serve a white with the coconut soup and a red with the grilled grouper, then it needs to be an estate which makes both great whites and great reds.

So: HB, DRC, Vatan, Puzelat, maybe Giacosa? [Asti Spumante and Roero Arneis?].

USA: Arcadian, Fisher, maybe Ridge? [if you wanna pair the American oak with the coconut soup?]. For USA QPR, give Laetitia some strong consideration here. And another USA QPR - don’t laugh - but Chateau St Michelle. Somebody had to be in 3rd Class Steerage when the USS Minnow headed down to Davy Jones’s Locker.

I’ve never had DRC Le Montrachet, but I have had HBB [what a wine!], so HB always jumps out in my mind front and center.

EDIT: In addition to Puzelat, another good French choice for Steerage passengers [who can’t afford DRC or de Vogue] might be Digioia-Royer. They make a nifty little Cote de Nuits Blanc to go with their reds.

EDIT EDIT: From Central Italy, Mastroberardino and Paolo Bea make outstanding whites and reds.


Haut Brion.

Stunning white and red.

I would have kick-ass Syrah for my Iguana bbq, a great fruit filled white for my grilled shrimp and big boned Cabernet Sauvignon for my turtle soup.

You would need a solid pinot for that.

Pierre Peters