A desert island and ONE producer!

You’re stranded on a desert island (how you got there…not important). You have one wine producer you’re able to drink, and no more. Who would it be and why? Oh yeah, suspend all disbelief on desert island storage…you’re able to fabricate passive storage using mud bricks and island fauna.

Ridge…the possibilities are endless.

Ridge is a very good choice, I would agree. Who else wants to play?


Ridge would have me covered.


Then I’d make a large batch of chili and I’m pretty sure that within 24 hours, Alan Weinberg would find me.


Mark, you going straight chards or the pinot too?

I take every thing john gives me. This year is hurting as I am allocated a good amount.

Serious: Guigal

Stretching the rules: LVMH (Dom, Krug, Cheval, Lambray, etc…)

I am on the way–bringing Zalto glasses.

I should have said 24 minutes.

Cheers Alan. [cheers.gif]

Since we’re talking a desert island, I assume we’re limited to past releases. Either way, I’ll stick with my initial choice. (I would imagine most would feel the same way about theirs!)

Cab, Syrah, chard, Pinot, rose, Zin.

Who need more?

I’ll play. Mugneret-Gibourg


Bedrock: zin, Syrah, pink, several whites and now cab and old pinot…

Perrrier. (Unless fresh water is already available, in which case I would have to say I can’t decide!)

Two chicks at the same time.

I would pick Navarro in a close race with Ridge and Carlisle. Navarro wins out over the others due to wide range of wines and I think a glass of Muscat Blanc on the beach sounds wonderful.