'83 vs '82 - your thoughts?

Your colleague Jean-Louis Carbonnier is a big proponent of '83 as the ‘unheralded’ vintage, eclipsed by the much-lauded 1982 vintage. While '83 used to be a hidden secret value, the true Bordeaux fans quickly caught on and now it commands pricing similar to '82 in many cases.

We don’t hear much discussion about the vintage itself, however, since, again, so much concentration is on '82. What are your thoughts on '83 as a vintage for Bordeaux? What was the vintage truly like, and why are the '83’s aging so well, in your opinion?

Examples of 83s selling for similar prices? I can think of Palmer, but I believe that has been true since release. Ch. Margaux made a great 83 but it sells for much less than their 82. Most of the top wines I can think of sell for much more in 82.

In general I have never been impressed enough with 82s to want to pay the premium, but I think the star vintage of the 80’s for quality/price is 85 more than 83.

Well I think 83 is a fantastic vintage for the Margaux appellation in particular. Better than 82 in my opinion for estates as Chateau Palmer, Chateau Margaux or Chateau Giscours.

No doubt, 82 Palmer is a very nice wine, but 83 is a superstar!

I hope you are well Thomas.

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